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Last update: December 6, 2007

From here you can go to lists that focus on Progressive Rock in general or single bands and artists.
I didn't add a "british section", because there would be too many overlappings with the sections "Progressive Rock in general", "Canterbury scene", "ELP", "Genesis", "Gentle Giant", "Jethro Tull", "King Crimson" etc., etc.
Please keep in mind that books or articles not named on one of the following lists might also mention the band you're intersted in. Here I just compiled texts that clearly belong to the following categories.
You should also know that the two larger lists, the commented list and the uncommented list include more titles than you will find here, e. g. books on other bands!



Progressive Rock in generalThe Nice/Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Asia
French Progressive RockGenesis
German Progressive RockGentle Giant
Italian Progressive RockJethro Tull
Japanese Progressive RockAsia/Brian Eno/King Crimson/U.K.
The Canterbury sceneMarillion & Fish
Books written by Progressive Rock artistsThe Moody Blues
Mike Oldfield
Van der Graaf Generator
Yes/Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe/Asia/Vangelis/Badfinger

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