Here you can see in chronological order those titles from the larger list that cover the band Genesis.

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I. Books and articles already published
II. Books in the making

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Olshausen, Ulrich: Text und Textrezeption in der Rockmusik: Zum Beispiel "Genesis". In: Musik und Bildung 7, Mainz 1975, pp. 323.
              (This is a very very bad article about (Progressive) Rock Lyrics.
              Ohlshausen seems to have very little knowledge of the subject,
              and the information he has, is often misintepreted.
              I've never seen so many mistakes on just one page. Do not read this.)

  2. Puig, Damián G./Julio Murillo/Adolfo Pérez: Moog'rock. Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Genesis (= Colección Vibraciones: Cuadernos de rock). Barcelona 1977. ISBN 84-7311-011-0.
              (85 pages)

  3. Gallo, Armando: Genesis: The evolution of a rock band. First edition, London 1978. ISBN: 0-283-98440-6 (paperback) ISBN: 0-283-98439-2 (cloth).
              (Reprinted three times (first reprint in 1979). An updated version was called
              'Genesis: I Know What I Like'. 'Genesis: The evolution of a rock band' has also been published
              in Germany with different pictures and a different layout. ISBN: 3-9800216-0-2.)

  4. Picart, Hervé/Jean-Yves Legras: Genesis. Paris 1979. ISBN: 0223-2979.
              (A french book with many pictures.)

  5. Poor, Kim: Genesis Lyrics. Illustrated by Kim Poor. London 1979. ISBN: 0283-98527-5 (paperback) ISBN: 0283-98526-7 (hardback).
              (Here's what John Kuge says about the book: Kim Poor is a Brazilian artist who is perhaps best known
              for her album covers for Steve Hackett (she also is/was his girlfriend). This book features the lyrics
              to selected Genesis songs from Trespass through Wind & Wuthering, with accompanying paintings by Poor.
              It also includes a brief band biography and photos, and introductions by Jo Durden-Smith and Chris Welch.)

  6. Gallo, Armando: Genesis: I Know What I Like. Los Angeles, 1980. ISBN: 0-9604036-0-4 (paperback) ISBN: 0-9604036-1-2 (cloth).
              (This is the updated version of 'Genesis: The evolution of a rock band'.
              It is a biography of the band with some amazing pictures, covering their history up to 1978
              (And Then There Were Three...). Gallo is a photographer and longtime friend of the band.
              The book also appeared as a limited edition of 1000 copies hand bound in leather, boxed,
              numbered, and signed by the author. There was another printing circa 1986, but it was not updated.
              Rereleased with a Paul Whitehead introduction in 1998.
  7. +
  8.           Also published in French as 'Je Sais Ce Que J'aime' (1981) and Italian as 'La Loro Leggenda'. Thanks to John Kuge.)

  9. Author? Genesis. Biographie, Discographie, Concerts. "The Lamb" en francais. Montreal 1980.
              (A newspaper style publication with 24 pages of very rare B&W photos.)

  10. Author? Storia - Testi - Foto inedite. Edizioni Sconcerto, Roma 1982.
              (About Peter Gabriel.)

  11. D'Alesio, Sergio: Genesis. Milano 1981, Roma 1982 and Roma 1984. No ISBN.
              (93 pages of biography and pictures with a discography.)

  12. Vigorito, Giampiero: Genesis. Milano 1981. No ISBN.
              (A biography. The name is "Giampiero", not "Sergio".)

  13. St. Michael, Mick: Genesis - Testi Con Traduzione a Fronte. Milano 1982. ISBN: 88-85008-43-7.
              (English to Italian translations of Genesis songs from ‘From Genesis to Revelation' to ‘Abacab',
              although not every song is included. Updated in 1988 with about 50 more pages.)

  14. Mantero, Piero: Genesis - Alle sorgenti della musica. Genova 1983. No ISBN.

  15. Parkyn, Geoff: Genesis - The illustrated Discography. London 1983. ISBN: 0-7119-0163-5.
              (reprinted as)
    Parkyn, Geoff: Genesis - Turn It On Again: An Illustrated Discography. London 1984. ISBN: 0-7119-0442-1.
              (Discography and Photos. Thanks to Carsten Busch.)

  16. Author? Genesis. Forte editore, Milano 1983. No ISBN?
              (35 Pages.)

  17. Author? Peter Gabriel. Edito - Inedito - Inatteso. Edizioni Sconcerto, Roma 1983.

  18. Clarke, Steve: Genesis: Turn It On Again. The Illustrated Genesis Story. London, New York 1984. ISBN: 0711904421.

  19. Fielder, Hugh: The Book of Genesis. New York, 1984. ISBN: 0-312-08880-9.
              (It's 128 pages of Genesis "in their own words" covering their history
              from 1950 to 1984. Thanks to Brad Hancock.)

  20. Gallo, Armando: Genesis: From one fan to another. London/New York 1984. ISBN: 0-7119-0515-0 (paperback).
  21. Also published in Tokyo 1985. Same book as the UK version except the cover. ISBN: 4-401-62100-X.

  22. Kamin, Philip/Peter Goddard: Genesis. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Beyond. New York 1984. ISBN: 0-8253-0243-9.
              (Introduction by Phil Collins. Thanks to Brad Hancock.)

  23. Schacht, Janis: Genesis. London 1984. ISBN: 0-86276-257-X.
              (Band history, sections for each member talking about solo projects, as well as a terse discography.
              A lot of information is borrowed from other books. Thanks to Carsten Busch.)

  24. Author? Genesis. La Leggenda Continua. Fratelli Gallo Editori. 1984. No ISBN.
              (64 pages and large size. Many color pictures, some exclusive.
              As "Fratelli Gallo" means Gallo brothers, the editors might be Armando Gallo and his brother.
              Can be ordered here.)

  25. Kamin, Philip: Phil Collins. Wauwatosa, WI 1985. ISBN: 0-88188-352-2.
              (Biography and discography.)

  26. Waller, Johnny: The Phil Collins Story. London 1985. ISBN: 0-946391-785.

  27. No Author: Peter Gabriel: interviste, storie e travestimenti. Discografia completa da solo e con i Genesis. Milano 1985. ISBN: 0-88-85008-7-1.

  28. Author? Peter Gabriel. Arcana Editrice. (Manuali Rock), Milano 1985.

  29. Gallo, Armando: Peter Gabriel. London/Sydney/New York/Cologne 1986. ISBN: 0-7119-0783-8 (paperback).
              (Lots of photos of Gabriel with Genesis and solo (most in full color), with accompanying quotes.
              Also includes an interesting interview about the So album,
              which had just been released at the time of publication. Thanks to John Kuge.)

  30. Star, Renaldo: Peter Gabriel. Monarch Books, Downsview, ON 1986.
              (16 pages, color and b&w photos throughout.)
              With a similar cover, differing only in color and a different photograph used, apart from that looking exactly the same is:

    Stuart, Bruce: Peter Gabriel. Monarch Books, Downsview, ON 1987. ISBN: 0-921183-05-4.
              (32 pages, color and b&w photos throughout.)

  31. Waller, Johnny: Phil Collins. London 1986. ISBN: 0946391785.

  32. Author? Genesis. 1986. No ISBN.
              (A 22 page magazine type publication with sections on each member and some nice photos.)

  33. Author? Genesis 80's. Spain 1986.
              (A 22 page magazine type publication with sections on each member and some nice photos.
              Includes a large poster.)

  34. Author? Genesis con Peter Gabriel - Leyendas. Argentina 1986. No ISBN?
              (A short band history (38 pages) with some pictures.)

  35. Bayeulle, Alain/Laurence Berrouet: Genesis. Paris 1987. ISBN: 2-226-02789-0.
              (A biography of the band and solo members.)

  36. Collingbourne, Huw: Genesis - A 20th Anniversary Souvenir - In Praise of a Legend. Lionbond publishers 1987. No ISBN.
              (A brief history of the band (34 pages).)

  37. Fiori, Umberto: Listening to Peter Gabriel's "I have the touch". pp. 37-44 in: Popular music 6 (1987).

  38. Göbölyös, László N.: Genesis - Teremtéstől a Toplistákig. IRI 1987. ISBN: 963-02-49081.
              (A 200 pp. history of the band in Hungarian.)

  39. Ridolfi, Tommaso: Peter Gabriel. Sognando Un Mondo Reale. Milano 1987. No ISBN.

  40. Schipani, Franco: Specialstar Genesis booklet included in Ciao 2001 magazine from 1987.
              (16 pages of color photos from the 1980s, interviews, and concert reviews. No catalog number.)

  41. Stuart, Bruce: Peter Gabriel. Monarch Books, Downsview, ON 1987. ISBN: 0-921183-05-4.
              (16 pages, color and b&w photos throughout.)
              With a similar cover, differing only in color and a different photograph used, apart from that looking exactly the same is:

    Star, Renaldo: Peter Gabriel. Monarch Books, Downsview, ON 1986.
              (16 pages, color and b&w photos throughout.)

  42. Welch, Chris/Robert Ellis: Genesis special: The invisible report. London: Metal Hammer 1987. No ISBN.
              (A 72 page Metal Hammer/Hurricane special.)

  43. Author? Genesis. Spain 1987.
              (A 20 page magazine type publication with almost everything on the ‘Invisible Touch' tour.
              Includes a large poster.)

  44. Author? La Saga Genesis. 1987. CV Stars Number 6.
              (French only book with 100 pages and many excellent photos. No real catalogue number.)

  45. Author? The Invisible Report - Metal Hammer Special UK 1987.
              (About 50 pages of text, Invisible Touch concert photos, Japan tour information, and 3 mini-posters.)

  46. Bright, Spencer: Peter Gabriel: An authorized Biography. First edition, New York 1988. ISBN: 0-283-99498-3. 2nd edition, New York 1999. ISBN: 0283061871.

  47. Gnuvo, Art: The Story So Far. 1988.
              ("The Story So Far" (1988) is a 123 page softcover book containing a Genesis
              and related vinyl bootleg discography which accompanied a 7" single of Genesis
              live at the Charleroi Festival in Brussels, Belgium January 16, 1972
              (side 1: "Stagnation", side 2: "Twilight Alehouse"). Over 100 listings with
              label/company, country of origin, tracks, catalogue numbers, and sound quality
              gradings. Limited to 100 copies. It is unclear whether "Art Gnuvo" is
              the author's name or if the cover art is by a person or a company called Gnuvo.)

  48. No author: Genesis - Imagenes y canciones. Venezuela 1988. 'Volume 1' with lyrics and history from 1968-1974. 'Volume 2' 1976 - 1986. No ISBN.
              (96 (Vol. 1)/159 (Vol. 2) page spanish book which contains the English and Spanish lyrics to songs.
              Also has a brief history and black & white photos, most of which are common ones
              from Armando Gallo. Includes a small color poster. Vol. 1 was reprinted in 1993
              with a different cover)

  49. Bertrando, Paolo et al.: Peter Gabriel. Milano 1989. ISBN: - 88-85859-42-9.
              (79 Pages.)

  50. Henke, James: Human Rights Now! The Official Book of the Concerts for Human Rights Foundations World Tour. New York 1989. ISBN: 0881624624.
              (This book is the official record of the concert tour taken by the megastars shown
              on its cover (including Peter Gabriel) in 19 cities from London to Buenos Aires to raise
              world consciousness of human rights and the plight of political prisoners world-wide.)

  51. Rojo, Jose Andres: Peter Gabriel. Madrid 1989. New edition 1994. ISBN: 84-376-0828-7.
              (153 pages, 13 pictures in b/w and 9 in color. Biography and translated lyrics.)

  52. Staiti, Alessandro/Giampiero Cara: Peter Gabriel. Diritti umani subito. Edizioni Leti (Big Parade) 1989.
              (98 pages of colour fotos.)

  53. Author? Human Rights Now. Sidwick & Jackson, New York 1989.
              (About Peter Gabriel.)

  54. Author? Peter Gabriel. Arcana Editrice. (IMMAGINAzioni), Milano 1989.

  55. Casas, Quim: Peter Gabriel. Barcelona 1990. No ISBN.
              (95 pages, written in spanish. Includes a discography.)

  56. Ottermann, Isabell/Margaret Maxwell/Armando Gallo: Phil Collins: live. Hamburg 1990. ISBN: 3-927801-10-0.

  57. Seibold, Jürgen: Phil Collins. Wien 1990. ISBN: 3-552-05014-0.

  58. Bonet, Magda: Genesis. Barcelona 1991.
              (95 pages of biography and photos plus The Mama Tour video.
              "Juan Salvant" is not the author, "Salvat" (which is the correct spelling)
              is the publisher.)

  59. Nance, Scott: The Genesis of Phil Collins. Las Vegas 1991. ISBN: 1556983069.

  60. Seibold, Jürgen: Peter Gabriel. Rastatt 1991. ISBN: 3-8118-3084-8.

  61. Zeitz, Petra: Phil Collins: ein ganz normaler Superstar. Bergisch Gladbach 1991. ISBN: 3-404-61207-8.

  62. Bowler, Dave/Brian Dray: Genesis: A Biography. New York 1992. ISBN: 0-283-06132-4.
  63.           (A Band history and discography. Published in Germany (as 'Genesis. Die Biographie') in 1993,
  64. +
  65.           Poland 1995, and updated in the UK in 1994
              (softcover) with about 60 more pages. Thanks to Carsten Busch.)

  66. Laufenberg, Frank: Genesis kommt: alles über die Welt-Tournee '92. Auf Europa-Tour vom 28. Juni bis 2. August. Presented by Volkswagen. Bergisch Gladbach, Bastei-Lübbe 1992. ISBN: 3-404-72523-9.
              Also published as:
  67. Genesis en Tournee. Delta Press, France, 1992. ISBN: 3-404-72523-9.
              (51 pages with mostly photos from the 'We Can't Dance' tour but does have some nice older shots.)

  68. Zeitz, Petra: Genesis. Rastatt 1992. ISBN: 3-8118-3902-0.
              (German book with very nice Gabriel-era pictures.)

  69. Demont, Max: Counting Out Time. The Worldwide Singles Discography Volume 1. 1993. Privately published, no ISBN.
              (A book with photos and descriptions of all Genesis and solo 7" singles.
              Includes rare demos and acetates through the time of printing. 255 pages. Max Demonts website, here, seems to be down.)

  70. Lindenthal, Martin: Express yourself. Yourself ... ? Madonna und Phil Collins. Die Imageanalyse von Popstars anhand zweier markanter Figuren. Dipl.-Arb., Wien, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, 1993.

  71. Manzano, Alberto: Canciones. Traducción de Alberto Manzano. Madrid, Editorial Fundamentos. 1993.
              (Genesis lyrics in english and spanish.)

  72. Author? Phil Collins & Genesis. Music Exclusive Number 2. France 1993.
              (20 pages of biography with below average text and numerous mistakes.)

  73. Giammetti, Mario: Genesis: discografia 1968-1993. Milano 1994. No ISBN.

              (160 Pages paperback book with no pictures and a bizarre cover.
              Includes info on all solo members too.)

  74. St. Michael, Mick/Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel: In his Own Words. New York 1994. ISBN: (paperback): 0711936358.

  75. Welch, Chris: The Complete Guide to the Music of Genesis. London 1995. ISBN: 0711954283.
              (A CD sized book which has a brief history of the band surrounding each album
              and a summary of each song on that album. 134 pages.

  76. Welch, Chris: Genesis. London 1995. ISBN: 0711954283.

  77. Author? Dall'Africa all'Oriente - la nuova musica del mondo. Edizioni La Repubblica 1996.
              (About Peter Gabriel.)

  78. Covach, John: Genesis' Selling England by the Pound. From: Progression Magazine, summer 1997.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  79. Ducray, François: Genesis - De Peter Gabriel ŕ Ray Wilson. Rennes 1997. ISBN: 2-912836-01-8.
              (Small CD-size book with 98 full color pages.)

  80. Coleman, Ray: Phil Collins: The Definitive Biography. First edition: London 1997. ISBN: 0684817845, second edition: London 1999. ISBN: 068486830X.
              (also published as:)
  81. Coleman, Ray: Phil Collins. Die definitive Biographie. Aus dem Engl. übers. von Kirsten Borchardt. St. Andrä-Wördern 1997. ISBN: 3-85445-159-8.

  82. Picart, Hervé: Peter Gabriel. La Part du Je. Paris 1997. ISBN: 2-91175-070-7.

  83. Delâge, Frédéric: Genesis: La boîte ŕ musique. Nancy 1998. ISBN: 2-910196-18-6.
              (John Kuge says: A recent book (in French) that traces the band
              from their beginnings at Charterhouse through Calling All Stations.)

  84. Giammetti, Mario: The Genesis Story. Milano 1998. No ISBN.
              (288 pages paperback book. Includes a short biography of the
              band, a detailed description of every song and a large discography.)

  85. Levin, Tony: Beyond the Bass Clef. The life and art of Bass playing. Woodstock, NY (USA) 1998. ISBN: 0-9668137-0-7.
              (A collection of very inhomogenic stuff, held together by Tony's great sense of humour.
              Contains anecdotes, autobiographical information, espresso philosophy,
              and a list of band names never used by Tony. Available via Tony's website.)

  86. Marziano, Alfredo: Peter Gabriel. Suoni senza frontiere. Auditorium, Milano 1998. ISBN: 88-86784-11-2.
              (Contains a Peter Gabriel bibliography and discography.)

  87. Michelone, Guido/Giuseppe Valenzise: Bibidi Bobidi Bu : la musica nei cartoni animati da Betty Boop a Peter Gabriel. Roma 1998 (=Suonerie 6.) ISBN: 88-8210-081-2.

  88. Riemann Silke: Die Inszenierung von Popmusikern als Popstars in Videoclips: eine Untersuchung anhand der Videoclip-Kompilationen "US" - Peter Gabriel (1993), "HIStory" - Michael Jackson (1995) und "Greatest Flix II" - Queen (1991). Berlin, Pharus-Verl. 1998 (Dissertation Humboldt-Universität Berlin 1998). ISBN: 3-929223-52-X.

  89. Tiberio, Ida: Peter Gabriel. Xplorazioni nel mondo reale. Firenze 1998. ISBN: 88-09-21472-2.

  90. Welch, Chris: The secret Life of Peter Gabriel. London/New York 1998. ISBN: 0711968128.
              also published as:
    Welch, Chris: La vita segreta di Peter Gabriel. Trad. di Michele Lauro. Firenze 2000. ISBN: - 88-09-01513-4.

  91. Fabiano, Francesco: Peter Gabriel. Testi originali con traduzione a fronte, discografia completa, guida ai bootlegs. Genova 1999. ISBN: 88-86775-36-9.
              (192 pages of Peter Gabriel lyrics translated into italian.)

  92. Giammetti, Mario: Peter Gabriel. Il Trasformista. Padova 1999. ISBN: 0-88-7966-189-2.
              (192 pages, no photos - 1999. Editions Arcana. Focus mostly on solo career with a full discography.)

  93. Spicer, Mark S.: Large-Scale Strategy and Compositional Design in the Early Music of Genesis. In: Everett, Walter (editor): Expression in Pop-Rock Music. A Collection of Critical and Analytical Essays (=Studies in Contemporary Music and Culture, Vol. 2). London, New York 1999, pp. 77 - 111. ISBN: 0-8153-3160-6.
              (An analysis of „Supper's Ready".)

  94. Tsukamoto, Yashima/Ken'ichi Nakano: NewXcellent1. Japan 1999. No ISBN.
              (Basically a catalogue of Genesis bootleg CDs with track information,
              running times, quality ratings, catalog numbers, etc. 160 pages.)

  95. Hewitt, Alan: Opening the Musical Box: A Genesis Chronicle. London 2000. ISBN: 0-946719-30-6.
              (Featuring interviews with all members past and present, a discography & gigography.)

  96. Author? Canciones 1 & 2. Madrid 2000. ISBN: 84-245-0856-4 and 84-245-0857-2.
              Spanish lyrics translations to Genesis songs from ‘Trespass' through ‘Duke' (book 1) and ‘Abacab'
              through ‘Calling All Stations'(book 2). 192 pages and 185 pages respectively.)

  97. Platts, Robin: Genesis: Inside & Out. Burlington, Ontario (Canada), 2001. ISBN: 1-896522-71-8.
              (Here's what John Kuge says about the book: A new book that covers the band's history through Calling All Stations,
              and includes interviews, bootleg info, photos, discography and set lists. Additional information here.)

  98. Vickers, Peter: Genesis Collectibles. Compiled by Peter Vickers. Bangor 2001. Privately published, no ISBN.
              (This book is of tremendous size and there are some very rare pieces in it.
              It goes far beyond the usual discography by adding lists of Promos, Tapes,
              Box Sets, Compilations, Interviews and Radio Shows, Tributes, Bootlegs
              (The biggest list of Genesis Bootlegs available), Books, Programmes,
              Paper Articles, Flyers, Tickets, Posters and Videos on 984 pages.
              Private printing of 25 copies. Also available on CD Rom. Contact:
              Thanks to Peter Vickers, who has been very friendly and helpful.)

  99. Russell, Paul: Genesis - A Live Guide 1969-1974: Play me my Song. Wembley, U. K. 2003. ISBN: 0946719586.

  100. Castellini, Davide: Le Canzoni di Peter Gabriel. Commento e Traduzione dei Testi. Rome 2004. ISBN 88-359-5570-X.
              (175 pages contain english lyrics with italian translations and comments about the meaning of the songs.)

  101. Giammetti, Mario: Genesis. Il fiume del costante cambiamento. Roma 2004. ISBN: 8835955076.
              (480 pages.)

  102. Thompson, Dave: Turn It on Again: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Genesis. San Francisco, CA 2004. ISBN: 0879308109.
              („Turn It On Again" is one of the best band biographies I ever read (and I read a lot of them).
              It documents the complete history of the band within the context of their time and looks aside
              to contemporary bands. It critically explores the relationship between the band
              and the members' solo careers. Drawing on new exclusive interviews with band members past and present,
              as well as the musicians' friends and associates, author Dave Thompson chronicles Genesis' evolution from their
              progressive-rock era to being mainstream rock stars, and the continuing careers of its most famous alumni.)

  103. Giammetti, Mario: Phil Collins: the singing drummer. Tavagnacco 2004. ISBN: - 88-7282-836-8.
              (339 p. These books, as you can guess, are part of a series that in the end will cover all Genesis members. More information here.)

  104. Giammetti, Mario: Steve Hackett. The Defector. Tavagnacco 2005. ISBN: 8872829038.
              (These books, as you can guess, are part of a series that in the end will cover all Genesis members. More information here.)

  105. Vickers, Peter: Genesis. The Top 200 Worldwide Rarities. Bangor 2005. Privately published, no ISBN.
              (A huge volume of the 200 most collectible singles, albums and CDs worldwide,
              and an introduction by Peter about collecting his rarities. Each entry has its
              serial number, pictures, a tracklist, and further data as well as the current price.
              Private printing of 200 copies. Contact:
              Thanks to Peter Vickers, who again has been very friendly and helpful.)

  106. Giammetti, Mario: Tony Banks. Man Of Spells. Tavagnacco 2006. ISBN: 9788861380066.
              (These books, as you can guess, are part of a series that in the end will cover all Genesis members. More information here.)

  107. Tempo, Enzio (alias Gaudenzio Temporelli): „She's a Lady". 2006.
              (This is an online article about Genesis. Click here. In italian.)

  108. newly addedVickers, Peter: Genesis Through The Ages (A Pictorial History). Bangor 2007. Privately published, no ISBN.
              (The 800p. A4 book expands the original Genesis Top 200 (210 A5 pages).
              It is a pictorial history of Genesis from 1967 to the 2007 concerts,
              it includes various pictures of the following: Vinyl/Cds etc / Memorabilia / Tickets
              / Photos / Books / Magazines / Stickers / Badges / Programmes / etc., many of these
              have never been printed before. The books will be hand printed to order. Contact:

  109. Tempo, Enzio (alias Gaudenzio Temporelli): The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway come «opera alchemica».
              (This is an online article about the Genesis album. Click here. In italian.)

    Gaudenzio Temporelli: See Tempo, Enzio

  110. Author? Genesis File. X New 1.
              (Excellent Japanese Book relating to the various Genesis Bootlegs around the world.
              Black & White text with a separate colour section in the back showing the covers of each item.)

  111. Silva, Diego: Phil Collins. Barcelona, Salvat.
              (Includes (p. 64-103) selección de canciones Discografía: p. 59-61)

    The following might be a songbook:

  112. Author? Phil Collins ... Hits.

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    II. In the making

  113. Giammetti, Mario: Writing a book about Tony Banks (These books, as you can guess, are part of a series that in the end will cover all Genesis members. More information here.)

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