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I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Author? Title? Greece 19??
              (A Jethro Tull lyrics book, in Greek. Contains no photos, only lyrics in english and a translation into greek.)

  2. Author? Title? Greece 19??
              (A Jethro Tull lyrics book, in Greek. Contains 1 photo, AND lyrics in english and a translation into greek.)

  3. Meyers, Brian: To Be The Play. A Timely Meditation On The Creations And Performances Of Jethro Tull. Annapolis 1978. No ISBN.
              (This is, according to the author, a "timely meditation on the creations
              and performances of Jethro Tull" in the form of a dialogue between a young Tull fan
              and a middle-aged professor of English Literature. The fan is trying to persuade the professor
              that "Anderson is the strongest poet ever to appear in the entire Western Tradition",
              supporting his argument referring to Harold Bloom's work of literary theory,
              'The Anxiety of Influence', Nietzsche's 'The Birth of Tragedy' and William Blake's
              'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell'. E-book version of "To Be The Play" will be released in the near future. Thanks to Neil Thomason.)

  4. Juan Hernández, Javier de: Jethro Tull. Traducción de las canciones, Antonio Ortega. Madrid 1984. No ISBN.

  5. newly addedAnderson, Roger L.: Ian Anderson's acoustic guitar in the early recordings of Jethro Tull. From: Popular Music Studies, vol. 1 no. 1 (Spring, 1988).
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  6. Feito, Álvaro: Jethro Tull. Traducción de las canciones, Alberto Manzano. Barcelona 1990. No ISBN.

  7. Author? Title? Turkey 1991.
              (A book about Jethro Tull, in Turkish. Contains some photos, some lyrics (both in english and turkish), and a chronological history about every album.)

  8. Kahyaoglu, Orhan: Jethro Tull. Katkida Bulunan: Bora Çetin. Çiviyazilari; Müzik, Eglence. 1. Edition Ekim, Istanbul 1991, 2. Edition Ekim, Istanbul 2000. ISBN: 9758086766.
              (A 348 pages book about Jethro Tull, in Turkish. Contains some photos, some lyrics (both in english and turkish),
              and a chronological history about every album. It also contains a tour schedule from 1968 until 1998,
              and a detailed index on Jethro Tull websites on the internet. Go to the book's website.)

  9. newly addedCaswell, Judson C.: Minstrel in the Gallery: History in the music of Jethro Tull. From: The St. Cleve Chronicle: The Jethro Tull Mailing List, 7 December 1993, Volume 4 : Issue 92.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  10. Schramm, Karl/Burns, Gerard J. (editors). Jethro Tull. Complete Lyrics. Heidelberg, 1993. ISBN: 0-86359-977-X (hardcover).
    Updated edition 2000. ISBN: 3930378116.
              (Here's what John Kuge says about the book: This book was released in conjunction with
              Jethro Tull's 25th Anniversary Boxed Set, and contains all of Ian Anderson's lyrics from every
              Tull album up to and including 'Catfish Rising', in addition to those from Anderson's first solo album,
              'Walk Into Light'. It also includes some photos, and Anderson provides the introduction
              and commentary about each album. For other titles see also the songbooks list.)

  11. Göbölyös, László N.: Dalnok A Balkonon. Karel-Humania, Könyv, Stereo KFT 1995.
              (A book about Jethro Tull, in Hungarian. Lots of photos, very detailed. Limited to 1000 copies.)

  12. newly addedCovach, John: Jethro Tull and the Long Song. From: Progression Magazine, summer 1996.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  13. Author? Minstrels Of Rock 'n' Roll. History of Jethro Tull. 1996.
              (A book about Jethro Tull, in Russian. Contains no photos, but a detailed history and discography about the group.)

  14. Skaradzinski, Jan/Piotr Kosinski/Marek Piatkowski: Jethro Tull. Oprac. czesci dyskograficznej. Kraków: Wydawn. Rock-Serwis, 1997. ISBN: 83-85335-34-x.
              (A Discography.)

  15. Zito, Giovanni: Jethro Tull Il flauto nella roccia. Ed. Geronimo 1997.
              (Buy here.)

  16. newly addedAloi, Peg: Love From The Fields. The Imagery Of Pagan Britain in The Songs Of Ian Anderson. From: Obsidian Magazine, vol.1, issue 2 (1998).
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  17. Del Soldato, Elisabetta/Marina Ganzerli: Jethro Tull: Testi con traduzione a fronte. Con un'appendice di commenti di Ian Anderson. Disco per disco. Firenze 1998. ISBN: - 88-09-21285-1.

  18. Rees, David: Minstrels in the Gallery. A history of Jethro Tull. London 1998. ISBN: 0946719225.
              also published as:
  19. Rees, David: Minstrels In The Gallery. Die Geschichte von Jethro Tull. 2001. ISBN: 3-925005-60-9.
              Czech edition published as:
  20. Rees, David: A Little History Of Jethro Tull - First Thirty Years. 2000.

  21. newly addedThomason, Neil R.: Jethro Tull, Celtic or English? From: The St. Cleve Chronicle, March 1998.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  22. Espinoza, Barbara: Driving in diverse: a collective profile of Jethro Tull. Kearney, NE 1999. ISBN: 0739203304.

  23. Hodgson, Alan J.: The Phantoms of 3000 Years: A look at some of the myths behind the music of Jethro Tull. First edition 1993. Second and extended edition, Birstall 2000. ISBN: 0-9538444-0-4.
              (A booklet of 75 pp. which contains 15 insightful essays from "Living In The Past - The Alternative Jethro Tull Fanzine"
              and 5 poems. The essays give background information on aspects of English folklore so many Tull-songs are referring to or based on.
              Further information and orders: Stormwatch Publications, C/o Alan Hodgson, 48 Kirk Gate, Birstall, West Yorkshire, England WF17 9PB,

  24. newly addedMorris, Dave:"Jethro Tull, Progressive Rock and Thematic Approach". Rochester 2000.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  25. newly addedMoseley, Lawrence: Jethro Tull : Gutter Prose, Kitchen Rhymes, Art For Your Time. 2000.
              (About „Thick as a Brick". This is an online article. Click here.)

  26. Russo, Greg: Flying Colours: The Jethro Tull Reference Manual. New York 2000. ISBN: 0964815761.

  27. Espiral, ?: Jethro Tull. Canciones 1. Spain 2001.
              (A 160 pages book containing spanish translations of Jethro Tull tracks from "This Was" to "A Passion Play".)

  28. newly addedVoorbij, Jan: "Do You Still See Me Even Here.........?" Seven years of Virtual Jethro Tull community. 2001.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  29. Benson, Raymond: Jethro Tull - The Pocket Essential Guide. London 2002. ISBN: 1904048188.
              (Raymond Benson examines every Jethro Tull album — track listing,
              personnel, cover art, recording history, and content. The book is
              released to coincide with Jethro Tull's 35th anniversary in 2003.
              According to Neil Thomason, this is a useful summary of the basic
              facts about Tull's career, but offers little that hasn't already
              been covered by other biographies or indeed websites.)

  30. Nollen, Scott Allen: Jethro Tull. A History of the Band, 1968-2001. Jefferson, North Carolina 2002. ISBN: 0786411015.
              (Foreword by Ian Anderson, Afterword by Dave Pegg.
              More information here.)

  31. Whitaker, Sterling C.: Unsung Heroes of Rock Guitar. Self-published through ImprintBooks, Charleston, S. C. 2003. ISBN 1-59109-758-4.
              (The book consists of in-depth interviews with fifteen
              of rock music's most underrated guitarists - which is, in my humble opinion,
              depending on who you ask -, including Mick Abrahams, Randy Bachman,
              Martin Barre, Craig Chaquico, Larry Crane, Rik Emmett, Peter Frampton,
              Gary Green, Bruce Kulick, Howard Leese, Doug Marks, Trevor Rabin,
              Steve Rothery, Ty Tabor, Richard Williams. Thanks to Sterling Whitaker.
              Buy the book here here)

  32. Zill, Didi: Jethro Tull. Die legendäre Band in Fotografien von 1969 bis 1984. Berlin 2003. ISBN: 3-89602-462-0.
              (320 pages of photographs.)

  33. Moore, Allan F.: Jethro Tull and the case for modernism in mass music. In: Moore, Allan F.: (ed.): Analysing popular music. Cambridge 2003. ISBN: 052177120X.

  34. Moore, Allan F.: Jethro Tull's "Aqualung". New York/London 2004. ISBN: 0-8264-1619-5.

  35. newly addedBenninghouse, John: Songs from the wood. Comments on the Caswell essay.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  36. newly addedLouis, Jeroen: Ian's Central Theme. Aqualung revisited.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

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    II. In the making (can anyone confirm this?)

  37. Nicholson, Yvonne: Jethro Tull - Before This Was And After
              (Nicholson was Ian Anderson's girlfriend in the late sixties. Her book offers insight
              in the embryonic Tull and Anderson's development into a professional musician.
              More information and a preview can be found at Nicholson's website. A 39 preview is here.)

  38. newly addedRabey Brian: Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull". Helter Skelter Publishing (Oktober 2007). ISBN-10: 1-905139-03-9, ISBN-13: 978-1-905139-03-3.
              (Coming in October 2007.)

  39. newly addedRabey Brian: Jethro Tull: 30 Years of Music and the Magic Flute. Billboard Books, U.S. ISBN: 0823083268.

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