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I. Books and articles already published

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Sinfield, Peter: Under the sky. A collection of lyrics and poems. London 1973. ISBN: 0-85115-0349.
              (Contains the Lyrics to some King Crimson and ELP songs, along with other poems.)

  2. Small, Christopher: Music, Society, Education. A radical examination of the prophetic function of music in Western, Eastern and African cultures with its impact on society and its use in education. London, Calder 1977. ISBN 0-7145-3530-3, 0-7145-3614-8.
              re-issued as:
    Small, Christopher: Music, society, education. Hanover, NH, Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1996. ISBN: 0-8195-6307-2, 0-7145-3614-8.
              (A book suggested to Bill Bruford by Robert Fripp during the formation of King Crimson in 1981.)

  3. Chernoff, John Miller: African rhythm and African sensibility. Aesthetics and social action in African musical idioms. Chicago 1979. ISBN: 0-226-10345-5, 0-226-10344-7. Re-issued Chicago 1981.
              also published as:
  4. Chernoff, John Miller: Rhythmen der Gemeinschaft. Musik und Sensibilität im afrikanischen Leben. München 1994. ISBN: 3-923804-39-3.
    Wuppertal 1999. ISBN: 3-87294-838-5.
              (A book suggested to Bill Bruford by Robert Fripp during the formation of King Crimson in 1981.)

  5. Kitamura, Masashi: King Crimson. Tokyo 1981. ISBN: 4-401-61081-4.
              (In japanese.)

  6. Bertoncelli, Riccardo: Brian Eno. Tutti i testi e gli scritti con trad. a fronte (= Musiqa 3). Milano 1982. ISBN: 88-85008-41-0.

  7. Staiti, Alessandro: Robert Fripp & King Crimson. Roma 1982. No ISBN.

  8. Bertrando, Paolo: King Crimson, Robert Fripp. Tutti i testi e gli scritti con trad. a fronte. Milano 1984. ISBN: 88-85008-63-1.

  9. Cicmil, Slobodan/Goran Vejvoda: Brian Eno: Zaobilazne strategije. Belgrade 1986. ISBN 86-7339-003-8.
              (A collection of interviews from 1973-1984. Got this information from here.)

  10. Eno, Brian/Russell Mills: More Dark Than Shark. London 1986. ISBN 0-571-13883-7.
              (With commentaries by Rick Poynor. A collection of lyrics and paintings, with discography and critical essays.
              Got this information from here.)

  11. Schaeffer, John: New Sounds. The Virgin Guide to New Music. London 1987. ISBN 0-86369-375-X.
              (An americo-centric survey of new music, with annotated discographies. Brian Eno is cited on numerous occasions.
              Got this information from here.)

  12. Hiromi, Ito & others trans.: Into The Magical Mirror. Tokyo 1989. ISBN: 4783724105.
              (Six Japanese poets translate the lyrics of their favorite tunes, and write essays on them. One of the lyrics is King Crimson's.)

  13. Tamm, Eric: Robert Fripp: From King Crimson to Guitar Craft. Boston/London 1991. ISBN: 0-571-12912-9.
    There has been a japanese edition, published by Takarajima-sha (Tokyo 1993. ISBN:4-7966-0653-X).
              (An interesting biography, escpecially the chapter on Fripp & Gurdijeff.
              It's completed by the author's personal experiences with Fripp on a guitar craft course in 1984.
              The book, differently titled "Robert Fripp - From crimson king to crafty master", can be downloaded from Eric Tamm's own website.)

  14. Author? King Crimson. Goldmine. January 10, 1992. Krause Publications 1992.
              (Probably a Fanzine special.)

  15. López, José Miguel: Robert Fripp & King Crimson. Música de alto riesgo (Colección La encrucijada, Vol. 5). Madrid 1994. ISBN: 84-88857-06-3.

              (In Spanish. Thanks to Mac de Paz.)

  16. Matsui, Takumi: King Crimson. Groups, solo & related works. Tokyo 1995. ISBN: 4924880531.

  17. Skaradzinski, Jan/Piotr Kosinski/Marek Piatkowski: King Crimson. Kraków 1995. ISBN: 83-85335-29-3.
              (This is a discography.)

  18. Toop, David: Ocean Of Sound. Aether Talk, Ambient Sound and Imaginary Worlds. London 1995. ISBN 1-85242-382-X.
              (David Toop's book traces the development of ambient music, and features interviws with
              Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Ryuichi Sakamoto and others. Got this information from here.)

  19. Eno, Brian: A year with swollen appendices. Boston/London 1996. ISBN: 0571179959.
              (Brian Eno's diary)

  20. Dancha, Kim: My own time. The authorized Biography of John Wetton. Schnecksville, PA (USA) 1997. ISBN: 0-9654847-1-8.
              (Essential - because Wetton was a member of nearly every prog band in history - but too thin!
              It is the only source of inside information on groups like UK. Wetton is very open, concerning his thoughts
              on his colleagues.
              The book has a discography (- 97), a band chronology and a bibliography. Available via John's website.)

  21. Gun, Ray: Out of Control. London 1997. ISBN 1-86154-040-X.
              (A collection of stuff from 3 Californian magazines with contributions by Brian Eno.
              Got this information from here.)

  22. Lake, Greg: Word Sculptures. Lyrics from the Musical Life of Greg Lake. Greg Lake Ltd. c/o Pilato Entertainment, Rochester, NY 1997. ISBN: 0966505409.
              (The Greg Lake website says: "The book features the lyrics to over 40 of Greg Lake's songs,
              including "Lucky Man", "In The Court Of The Crimson King", "Daddy", "Take A Pebble",
              "From The Beginning", "Closer To Believing", "Still... You Turn Me On", "Karn Evil 9",
              "C'est la Vie", "Watching Over You", "Manoeuvres" etc.
              Additionally, there is an introduction by Greg Lake, and a photo section spanning
              Greg's entire musical career." More information can be found on Greg's website. Thanks To John Kuge.)

  23. Eno, Brian/Jean-Paul Mourlon: Brian Eno Journal - Une année aux appendices gonflés. Paris 1998. ISBN 2-84261-092-X.
              ("A year with swollen appendices", Brian Eno's diary, translated into French by Jean-Paul Mourlon.
              Includes a 6-track CD of previously unreleased pieces mentioned in the text. Got this information from here.)

  24. Levin, Tony: Beyond the Bass Clef. The life and art of Bass playing. Woodstock, NY (USA) 1998. ISBN: 0-9668137-0-7.
              (A collection of very inhomogenic stuff, held together by Tony's great sense of humour.
              Contains anecdotes, autobiographical information, espresso philosophy,
              and a list of band names never used by Tony. Available at Tony's website.)

  25. Milkowski, Bill: Rockers, Jazzbos & Visionaries. New York 1998. ISBN: 0-8230-7833-7.
              (A collection of interviews, Brian Eno is one of the „Visionary" interviewees.
              Got this information from here.)

  26. Sexton, Martin/Paul Hitchman (ed.): We Love You. London 1998. ISBN 1-86154-088-4.
              (Book and CD. The publishers brought together musicians and artists for a set of collaborations.
              Brian Eno provides a track called "Sensual Zero Gravity" , which is an extended version of
              "Coasters" from The Drop. Got this information from here.)

  27. newly addedRomero, Carlos: King Crimson. Madrid 1999. ISBN: 84-376-1714-6.
              (A King Crimson biography until 1998, in Spanish. Thanks to Franz Neovalis Neulinger and Mac de Paz.)

  28. Kal'nickij, Vladimir: Rusificirovannyj King Crimson. Saint-Peterburg 2000. ISBN 5-306-00043-6.

  29. Paparoni, Demetrio (ed.): Brian Eno, Mimmo Paladino. I Dormienti. Milano 2000. ISBN 88-88098-00-3.
              (A book with photographs by Giuseppe Avallone of the Roundhouse exhibition and sketches by Paladino and Eno.
              Texts are both in Italian and in English. Includes a CD. Quote from the last page: "This book contains a CD of
              music composed specifically by Brian Eno to accompany I dormienti, The Sleepers, an exhibition of work by
              Mimmo Paladino and Brian Eno shown in the Undercroft of London's Roundhouse. 100 copies of this book are in a
              special edition accompanied by an aquatint etching with drypoint and presented in a fired terracotta case,
              both designed by Mimmo Paladino." Got this information from here.)

  30. Quinn, Marc: Incarnate. Marc Quinn. London 2000. ISBN 1-86154-048-5.
              (An overview of the artist's work, which includes a conversation
              between Brian Eno and Quinn. Got this information from here.)

  31. Albery, Nicholas (ed.): Cornucopia of Ideas. London 2001. ISBN 0-948826-58-4.
              (A compendium of ideas collected by the Global Ideas Bank.
              Everything from what to do with medication reaching its use-by date
              to moving the Earth, from following another religion for one day each year
              to repairing coral reefs with eco-friendly concrete balls. Brian Eno contributes
              a preface paying tribute to Nicholas Albery, the founder of the Institute of
              Social Inventions who died in 2001. His preface also highlights the potential
              impact of "the more modest ideas that turn out to make a big difference."
              More information and ordering here.)

  32. Gallant, David: Asia. The Heat Goes On. The Authorized Asia Biography. Summerside, PEI, Canada 2001. ISBN: 0-9688584-0-6.
              (A book on Asia, most interesting for Prog fans for it descibes a comparatively less known phase
              in the life of three important Prog musicians, Steve Howe, John Wetton and Carl Palmer.
              The book gives detailed insight in the band's career, even when it didn't exist.
              Concerning the eighties, the book unfortunately focuses mainly on Wetton.
              As there already is a Wetton biography and a book on ELP, more information about Howe and Downes
              (who has been the band's leader ever since the early nineties) would have been welcome.
              But this is only a minor flaw, the book is absolutely worth reading,
              for it describes the career of a couple of great Prog musician during a time when Prog seemed to be over.
              Available here.)

  33. Karl, Gregory: King Crimson's Larks' Tongues in Aspic: A Case of Convergent Evolution. In: Holm-Hudson, Kevin (Ed.): Progressive Rock Reconsidered. New York 2001, pp. 121 - 142. ISBN: 0815337159.

  34. Robison, Brian: Somebody Is Digging My Bones: King Crimson's "Dinosaur" as (Post)Progressive Historiography. In: Holm-Hudson, Kevin (Ed.): Progressive Rock Reconsidered. New York 2001, pp. 221 - 242. ISBN: 0815337159.

  35. Smith, Sid: In the Court of King Crimson. London 2001. ISBN: 1-900924-26-9.
              (The best band history I've ever read. There's one thing that distinguishes it from all the others:
              critique. I guess this is due to the special intellectual air of KC/Robert Fripp.
              There is just one minor problem: you never know, where a quotation starts and where it ends,
              because of a bad layout. Apart from that it's absolutely essential.
              You can order the book here. Thanks to Daniel Kirkdorffer, webmaster of the Elephant Talk website.)

  36. Trummer, Thomas: Gitarrensound und Spieltechnik von Allan Holdsworth. Diplomarbeit, Universität Graz, 2001.

  37. Wienrich, Stephanie/Nicholas Albery/Mary McHugh (ed.): Seize the day: 366 tips from famous & "extraordinary ordinary" people. London 2001. ISBN: 0701169389.
              (Has a foreword from Brian Eno. More information and ordering here.)

  38. Green, Jon: Promenade the Puzzle. The Poetic Vision of Peter Sinfield.
              (About possible connections between King Crimson and emperor Friedrich II. This is an online article. Click here.)

  39. Keeling, Andrew/Mark Graham: A Musical Guide to King Crimson. Volume 1: Larks' Tongues in Aspic.(CD-ROM)
              (It is the first in a series of interactive musical guides to the music of King Crimson.
              It is illustrated with musical notation diagrams that you simply click with your mouse to
              play using your computer's sound card. Plus there's a full score of "Larks' Tongues In Aspic".
              "This guide takes you through all the complexities of the music, stripping away layer after
              layer to reveal the inner workings of the exquisite machinery of harmony, counterpoint and
              rhythm that, seemingly so effortlessly, go together to make: "Larks' Tongues In Aspic"."
              More information here)

  40. Keeling, Andrew/Mark Graham: Musical Guide to „In the Wake of Poseidon" by King Crimson. (CD-ROM) 2004.
              (It is the second in a series of interactive musical guides to the music of King Crimson.
              It is illustrated with musical notation diagrams that you simply click with your mouse to
              play using your computer's sound card. Plus there's a full score of "In the Wake of Poseidon".)

  41. Levin, Tony: Crimson Chronicles. Volume 1: the ‘80's. Woodstock, NY 2004. ISBN: 0-9668137-1-5.
              (A collection of over 200 very briefly commented photos documenting
              the life of the Crimson King during the eighties. Chapters: „Beginnings",
              „Discipline", „On Stage", „Travel", „Photo Sessions", „Recording",
              „On The Road", „Other Bands", „Robert Fripp", „Bill Bruford", „Adrian Belew",
              „Tony Levin" and „More Road Shots". Available at Tony's website.)

  42. Watkinson, David: Title? 2004.
              (Watkinson wrote a booklet about the Warriors (a pre-Yes band that featured, among others,
              Jon Anderson, David Foster and Ian Wallace.), that is related to his Yes-memorabilia exhibition.)

  43. Haskell, Gordon: The Road to Harry's Bar. Edinburgh 2006. ISBN: 1840189878.
              (The ex-member of King Crimson has written his autobiography.)

  44. Author? King Crimson. Groups, solo & related works. FM Books, Tokyo.

  45. Author? King Crimson. Marquee Moon.

    Maybe the same as:

  46. Author? King Crimson. Tokyo. 1995. No ISBN.
              (compilations of the articles on King Crimson which appeared on the progressive rock magazine ‘Marquee')

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