Books written by Progressive Rock artists

Here you can see in alphabetical order those titles from the larger list that were written by Progressive Rock artists.

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I. Books and articles already published
II. Books that have not been published yet
III. Books in the making

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Allen, Daevid: If Words were Birds. London, 1964. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Allen's first volume of poetry. 21 early poems,
              including the first appearance of 'Captain Shaw & Mr Gilbert'.
              Allen originally gave copies to all his friends to illustrate, à la Sun Ra -
              the band illustrating their own LP sleeves. 28 page booklet.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  2. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 1. 1966 - 69: Soft Machine. Glastonbury 1994. ISBN: 1-899475-00-1.
    A new edition is expected by november 2005:
    Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 1: From Soft Machine to the Birth of Gong. Wembley 2005. ISBN: 0946719829. (192 pages).
              (Daevid Allen's history of the early Soft Machine. There will be a second part called
              'Gong Dreaming 2, Gong: 69-75' and further sequels! More info here or here.)

  3. Allen, Daevid: Book of Cloroforms. Poetry of the sleeping life. 1966. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Book of Allen's text-rich line drawings. Includes fragments of
              future Daevid Allen and Gong lyrics 40 pages.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  4. Allen, Daevid: What Happened To Walter. A Bananabook for Helen & Walter, The Travelling Allens. 1969. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (A little cartoon-type book was drawn by Allen for his parents
              who came to visit Gilli Smyth and him in Deya in 1969. Allen was slightly
              aprehensive about seing his parents for the first time since he left
              Australia 10 years before. Needless to say many things had changed
              since he left Oz in 1959, added to that they were also meeting Gilli
              for the first time. This funny fantasy catoon story about how the
              meeting might possibly turn out was his response. 14 page booklet.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  5. Allen, Daevid: Camembert Electrique Lyric Book. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Reproduction of original lyric inserts. All the lyrics of Camembert Electrique
              illustrated by Allen. Originally came as an insert in the first BYG pressings
              of the classic LP. 8 page card booklet. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  6. Allen, Daevid: Free Mother Romania. Invisible Opera Company 1990. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Open Diaries of Allen's Transylvanian Adventures, July 1990.
              When Allen decided spontaneously to travel to Romania in July 1990,
              all he knew about the country was from media coverage of the December '89
              revolution - which fascinated him - and that there were many, many orphans
              needing help. He arrived in Bucarest with knowing no-one and with nowhere to stay,
              but found a warm, generous and stimulating people, eager to communicate
              on all levels - despite the invisible hand of fear and social repression
              still hovering over their shoulder. Allen's view of life in Romania has
              the unique and personal quality of a poet, political observer, traveller,
              humanist and friend. 40 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  7. Allen, Daevid: Shapeshifter. The book. 1992. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Allen's companion book to Gong's album of the same name. Written and illustrated
              by Allen. A densely packed book full of detail, an unmissable aid to the fuller
              and deeper understanding of Gong's Shapeshifter album. The story of
              Zero the Hero continues, forbidden the use of money, he enters a limbo-like
              state linked to constant travelling around the world by plane, leaving it briefly at
              various destinations for further strange initiatory adventures.
              As the Shapeshifter album is Radio Gnome Invisible Pt. 4, this book is a vital and
              highly entertaining key to understanding the link between 'You' and the recent
              'Zero To Infinitea'. First published in 1992. Contains complete Shapeshifter Lyrics.
              56 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  8. Allen, Daevid: Poet For Sale. Illustrated collection of Performance Poetry and Poems. 2003. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (The first collection of Allen's performance poetry and poems to be published since 1962.
              148 pages, 50 poems, dozens of photographs and illustrations chosen or drawn by Allen
              exclusively for this book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  9. Aymone, Carmine: Osanna. Naples in the world. Napoli, Edizioni Afrakà 2001. No ISBN.
              (The story of Osanna with details on other Naples connected bands. Preface by Peter Hammill.
              More information here.)

  10. Dearling, Alan/Mook Bahloo: Alternative Australia. Enabler Publications, Lyme Regis 2000. ISBN 0-9523316-4-0.
              (Contributors include Daevid Allen and Thom the World Poet.
              A celebratory, roller-coaster ride through the many parts of alternative Australia.
              The communities, the tribal elders, the eco-protestors and performing arts scene,
              it's all here. All manner of contributors including things from Allen and
              Thom the World Poet. If you want to get the feel of, and understand the
              alternative scene in Oz, then here is a great place to start.
              250 page paperback book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  11. Banks, Peter/Billy James: Beyond and before - The Formative Years of Yes. Bentonville 2002. ISBN: 0-9710493-1-9 (soft cover), ISBN: 0-9710493-0-0 (hard cover with or without CD).
              (There is a limited edition hardback and a regular softback edition; the hardback
              is also available with a CD. Banks and Gerard Johnson have been working for some years now
              on Small Beginnings: Flashback, a music project based around a re-invention of Flash's "Small Beginnings".
              The release coincides with the 30th anniversary of Flash.
              Some versions of the book will come with a 20 min. CD, 'Small Beginnings: Flashback (A work in progress)',
              taken from the forthcoming Small Beginnings: Flashback project.
              More info at Peter Banks' website, at Golden Treasures Publishing or at the Flash website.)

  12. Berlin, Jeff: A Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass. Milwaukee, WI. 1987. ISBN: 0-943686-61-X.
              (52 pages and an audio cassette by the Bruford-collaborator.)

  13. Blasquiz, Klaus: The Fender Bass. Milwaukee, WI 1990. ISBN: 0-7935-0757-X.
              (Blasquiz, better known to Magma fans by the nom kobaiën Klotsz Zaspïaahk,
              tells the story of the development of the Fender Bass by describing the different models
              and their improvements from the original instrument through to its present form.)

  14. Blasquiz, Klaus/Cabrel, Francis/Ferstenberg, Muriel/Ruiz, Maxime et al.: Luthiers & Guitares d'en France. Chandelle Productions, Paris 1996. ISBN 2-911962-00-1.
              (A book about building guitars. 237p. I am not a 100 per cent sure, that the author Klaus Blasquiz is Magma's singer Klaus Blasquiz.)

  15. Bruford, Bill: When in doubt, roll! Cedar Grove NY 1988. ISBN: 0-7935-3529-8.
              (Contains transcriptions of a few tracks, also some Yes stuff, along with Bill's comments on each song.
              Get the book on the modern drummer publications website.)

  16. Harrison, Gavin: Rhythmic Illusions. London 1996. ISBN: 1576236870.
              (72 pages. Bill Bruford provided the foreword to the drummer's book.
              More information here.)

  17. Carr, Ian: Music Outside - Contemporary Jazz in Britain. London 1973.
              (Ian Carr played with Jon Hiseman, Nucleus, Centipede and others
              and has also released a couple of solo albums.)

  18. Carr, Ian: Keith Jarrett. The man and his music. First edition: London 1991. ISBN: 0246134348. Second edition: London 1992. ISBN: 0586092196.

  19. Carr, Ian: Miles Davis. New York 1982. ISBN: 0-688-01321-X.

  20. Carr, Ian: Miles Davis. A critical biography. London 1982. ISBN: 0-7043-2273-0. Re-issued, London 1984.
              Also published as:
  21. Carr, Ian: Miles Davis: Eine kritische Biographie. Ins Dt. übertr. von Volker Kriegel u. Werner Schmitz. Baden 1985. ISBN: 3-906700-02-X.
              Also published as:
  22. Carr, Ian: Miles Davis: una biografia critica. A cura di Riccardo Bertoncelli; postfazione di Giacomo Pellicciotti. Milano 1982. ISBN: - 88-85008-4 -X.

  23. Carr, Ian: Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography. London 1998. ISBN: 0-00-255222-1. Rev. ed., New York 1998. ISBN: 1-56025-241-3.

  24. Carr, Ian/Digby Fairweather/Brian Priestley: Jazz: The Essential Companion. London 1987. ISBN: 0586085300.
              (As far as I know, there has been a re-issue by Paladin, London 1988)

  25. Carr, Ian/Digby Fairweather/Brian Priestley: Jazz: The Rough Guide. London 1995. 2nd ed.: London 2000. ISBN: 1858285283.

  26. Colbeck, Julian: Keyfax. The Real Story Behind the Synthesizer Revolution. Emeryville, California 1996. ISBN: 0-918371-08-2.
              (Julian Colbeck played keyboards with ABWH and Steve Hackett.)

  27. Colbeck, Julian: Keyfax. The guide to electronic keyboards. London 1985. ISBN: 0-86369-096-3.

  28. Colbeck, Julian. Keyfax 2. The Guide to Electronic Keyboards. London 1986. ISBN 0-86369-155-2.
              (Keyfax 2 contains information on classic monophonics like the Moog
              Minimoog, Source, Rogue, early polyphonic giants Rhodes Chroma, Synergy,
              Roland MKS-80 etc., and early samplers from E-Mu, to PPG.)

  29. Colbeck, Julian. Keyfax 3. London 1988. ISBN: 187-095-1034.
              (Keyfax 3 encompasses everything late '80s, from digital pianos to
              sequencing software, with synths, samplers, controller keyboards,
              and home keyboards in between.)

  30. Colbeck, Julian. Keyfax 4. London 1994. ISBN: 187-260-160X.
              (Keyfax 4 covers all professional instruments, from synths to
              samplers to keyboard controllers. Fully updated and revised, each
              review contains information on available data cards and associated software.)

  31. Colbeck, Julian. Keyfax 5. London 1994. ISBN: 187-260-1650.
              (Keyfax 5 is the sister publication of Keyfax 4, concentrating on
              multimedia and leisure instruments, including General MIDI modules and
              computer sound cards, digital pianos, and home keyboards.
              With comparative assessments on computer platforms, a GM glossary, and more.)

  32. Colbeck, Julian: Rock talk. London 1989. ISBN: 0750000775 (correct), 0750000783 (pbk), 0356167909.

  33. Colbeck, Julian: Zappa: a biography. London 1987. ISBN: 0-86369-156-0.

  34. Colbeck, Julian/Tony Mitchell: How to make a hit record. London 1989. ISBN: 1854700073.

  35. Kamin, Philip/Peter Goddard: Genesis. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Beyond. New York 1984. ISBN: 0-8253-0243-9.
              (Introduction by Phil Collins. Thanks to Brad Hancock.)

  36. Cutler, Chris: File under Popular: Theoretical and Critical Writings on Music. London 1985. ISBN: 0-936756-34-9. ISBN: 0946423016 (paperback).
    Second edition, London 1989. ISBN: 0946423032 ISBN: 0946423040 (paperback).
    Revised edition, London/New York 1992.
  37. Revised German edition, publishers Michael Schwinn 1994.
  38. Revised, expanded Japanese edition, publisher Susei Sha 1996.
  39. Revised, expanded Polish edition.
  40. French translation in train.
              (Cutler was Henry Cow's drummer.)

  41. Dean, Roger: Views. 2nd edition, Limpsfield, Surrey (England) 1975. ISBN: 0-905895-94-0. Reprint, Petaluma 1985. ISBN: 1-56640-448-7.
              (A collection of Dean's early work, including his illustrations for Yes from 1971-1974
              (Fragile through Relayer), and some stage set information.
              The companion book to Views is Magnetic Storm, which covers Dean's later work.
              More info on Roger Dean's website, where the book also can be ordered. Thanks to John Kuge.)

  42. Greenland, Colin/David Lucas/Roger Dean/Martyn Dean: Magnetic Storm. San Francisco (CA) 1993. ISBN: 1-56640-449-5.
              (The familiar Dean Pix + very interesting information on Yes' stage sets of the 70ies.)

  43. Di Cioccio, Franz: Premiata Forneria Marconi: Due Volte Nella Vita. Milano 1996. ISBN: 88-04-41064-7.
              (A detailed autobiography that also reveals a lot of unkown inside stories
              about PFM's career, from the early days until "Ulisse".
              The book includes a full PFM discography and the band's family tree.

  44. Emerson, Keith: Pictures of an Exhibitionist. London 2003. ISBN: 1-904034-79-9.
              (This is a man's book about a men's world. Full of trips and fucks. Very honest, but not really a
              chronological history of KE, The Nice or ELP. Moreover, the book sort of ends in 1978.)

  45. Eno, Brian: A year with swollen appendices. Boston/London 1996. ISBN: 0571179959.

  46. Fabbri, Franco: Album Bianco - Diari Musicali 1965-2000. Milano/Padova 2001. ISBN - 88-7966-230-9. 2nd edition: Roma 2002. ISBN - 88-7966-259-7.
              (The Stormy Six guitarist traces a story of his band.)

  47. Hammill, Peter: Killers, Angels, Refugees. London 1974. ISBN: 0-85947-002-4.
              (Peter Hammill's first book contains lyrics for all the songs
              from 1966 up to "Silent Corner" (1974), poems, drawings and other interesting stuff.
              More info here.)

  48. Hammill, Peter: Mirrors, Dreams and Miracles. Westbury, England 1982. No ISBN.
              (Contains lyrics and short stories 1974 - 1980. More info here.)

  49. Heckstall-Smith, Dick: The safest place in the world. A Personal History Of British Rhythm and Blues. London 1984. ISBN: 0704326965.
              (Dick Heckstall-Smith played the Saxophone in the Graham Bond Organisation and Colosseum,
              amongst many others!)

  50. Hillage, Steve/Miquette Giraudy: The Little Book of Words. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (A reprint of a long, long deleted booklet by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy
              containing the complete song-lyrics of 'Fish Rising', 'L' and 'Motivation Radio'.
              40 page booklet. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  51. Holdsworth, Allan: Melody Chords For Guitar. 1997. Centerstream Publishing, Anaheim Hills, California. ISBN: 1-57424-051-X.
              (Excerpt from the Preface: ‘The aim of this book is to provide the guitarist with a simplified
              method of learning chords, in diagram form, for playing accompaniments in orchestral and instrumental
              performances of modern popular music and also for playing popular melodies in "chord-solo" style.')

  52. Howe, Steve/Tony Bacon: The Steve Howe guitar collection. London 1994. ISBN: 871547-64-4.
              (A luxurious book with foldout pages and lots of pictures.
              Steve describes each instrument and gives explanations on the songs he used the guitars on and why.)

  53. Keeling, Andrew/Mark Graham: A Musical Guide to King Crimson. Volume 1: Larks' Tongues in Aspic.(CD-ROM)
              (It is the first in a series of interactive musical guides to the music of King Crimson.
              It is illustrated with musical notation diagrams that you simply click with your mouse to
              play using your computer's sound card. Plus there's a full score of "Larks' Tongues In Aspic".
              "This guide takes you through all the complexities of the music, stripping away layer after
              layer to reveal the inner workings of the exquisite machinery of harmony, counterpoint and
              rhythm that, seemingly so effortlessly, go together to make: "Larks' Tongues In Aspic"."
              More information here)

  54. Kull, Greg: The Anatomy Of Man.
              (Accompanying Echolyn's albums ‘As The World' and God Pounds His Nails
              are sections of Greg Kull's ‘The Anatomy Of Man'.
              Here is the ‘The Anatomy of Man',
              complete and unaltered. The 14,000 words that make the Anatomy were
              written from February through August of 1994 while ‘As the World' was
              being produced. Accompanying the ‘Anatomy' is a selection of Kull's
              earlier writings, all contributing to what the author calls, "words and
              sketches". ‘The Anatomy of Man' represents the beginning of a prolific
              period where another eighty or so poems were written in 1994, 1995, and 1996.)

  55. Lake, Greg: Word Sculptures. Lyrics from the Musical Life of Greg Lake. Greg Lake Ltd. c/o Pilato Entertainment, Rochester, NY 1997. ISBN: 0966505409.
              (The Greg Lake website says: "The book features the lyrics to over 40 of Greg Lake's songs,
              including "Lucky Man", "In The Court Of The Crimson King", "Daddy", "Take A Pebble",
              "From The Beginning", "Closer To Believing", "Still... You Turn Me On", "Karn Evil 9",
              "C'est la Vie", "Watching Over You", "Manoeuvres" etc.
              Additionally, there is an introduction by Greg Lake, and a photo section spanning
              Greg's entire musical career." More information can be found on Greg's website. Thanks To John Kuge.)

  56. Levin, Tony: Beyond the Bass Clef. The life and art of Bass playing. Woodstock, NY (USA) 1998. ISBN: 0-9668137-0-7.
              (A collection of very inhomogenic stuff, held together by Tony's great sense of humour.
              Contains anecdotes, autobiographical information, espresso philosophy,
              and a list of band names never used by Tony. Available via Tony's website.)

  57. Levin, Tony: Crimson Chronicles. Volume 1: the ‘80's. Woodstock, NY 2004. ISBN: 0-9668137-1-5.
              (A collection of over 200 very briefly commented photos documenting
              the life of the Crimson King during the eighties. Chapters: „Beginnings",
              „Discipline", „On Stage", „Travel", „Photo Sessions", „Recording",
              „On The Road", „Other Bands", „Robert Fripp", „Bill Bruford", „Adrian Belew",
              „Tony Levin" and „More Road Shots". Available at Tony's website.)

  58. Livgren, Kerry/Kenneth Boa: Seeds of Change: The Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren. rev. and expanded ed., Nashville, Sparrow Press 1991. ISBN: 0917143035.
              (This is a book that contains information on Livgren's musical career in and out of Kansas,
              but focuses mainly on Livgren's personal spiritual quest. If you're interested in exploring his lyrics,
              you will find, that they come from a man who was sincerely asking those questions and looking for answers
              and finally found his destination in Christianity.)

  59. Malherbe, Didier: L'anche des métamorphoses. Sonnets. Chambéry 2001. ISBN 2-87661-236-4.
              (French Poetry.)

  60. McLaughlin, John: John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. New York 1976. No ISBN.

  61. Molland, Joey/Billy James: Day after Day - The story of Badfinger. Bentonville 2002.

  62. Palmer, Carl: Applied Rhythms. Modern Drummer Publications, Cedar Grove NY 1987. No ISBN.
              (Contains transcriptions of a few tracks, mainly Asia stuff, but also some ELP (the shorter, simpler songs)
              along with Carl's comments on each song.
              Get the book on the modern drummer publications website.)

  63. Pinhas, Richard: Les larmes de Nietzsche. Deleuze et la musique. Preface de Maurice G. Dantec. Paris 2001. ISBN: 2080678140.
              (Pinhas is the mastermind of the Band Heldon.)

  64. Poulet, Francis: Mona Lisa 1970-1980. Ou L'aventure "Pop" de cinq Orléanals. 1999. Privately Published, No. ISBN.
              (This book, documenting the career of the group Mona Lisa led by singer Dominique Le Guennec,
              was written by their original drummer. Can be ordered here.)

  65. Rain: Gravity. Morrisville, NC 2004. ISBN: 1-4116-1572-7.
              (A collection of 26 dark poems by Rain on 100 pages. Buy here.)

  66. Rosa, Enrico: Baskursus. "Begydere". Distributed by Do-Re. Privately issued, no additional information available.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. "A very affective guide into learning how to play the bass and be very well aware of
              the harmonic functions. Walking,chords and harmonics are included, giving an all round
              knowledge to any student. This book is also a perfect method for any musician wishing
              to play bass as a second instrument." The book is in danish. Thanks to Enrico Rosa.)

  67. Rosa, Enrico: Guitar Voicing Vol. I. 2002. Privately issued, no more information available.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. 61 Pages. "Turnarounds, Substitutions, Forth, and Symmetric chords. This is the first
              of a continuing series of guitar books of harmony, due to help guitarists into creating
              arrangements or any background in the jazz idiom as well as in any other style."
              Thanks to Enrico Rosa. Available Available here.)

  68. Rosa, Enrico: Guitar Voicing Vol. II. 2002. Privately issued, no more information available.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. 34 pages. "Upper Structure. A book that will give to any guitarist a more
              complete way of making music. US 3-4-5 voices and combinations with other voicing
              techniques including very useful patterns for the interpretation of chords in the
              Jazz idiom." Thanks to Enrico Rosa. Available here.)

  69. Rosa, Enrico: Guitar Voicing Vol. III. 2002. Privately issued, no more information available.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. 36 pages. "Symmetric chords related to melodic minor, whole tone and diminished
              scales. More knowledge and possibilities to create music and paint it, with the infinite
              colors of harmony. A Must for a musician who is near to get the understanding of
              music idioms. Thanks to Enrico Rosa. Available here.)

  70. Sinfield, Peter: Under the sky. A collection of lyrics and poems. London 1973. ISBN: 0-85115-0349.
              (Contains the Lyrics to some King Crimson and ELP songs, along with other poems.)

  71. Smyth, Gilli: The Nitrogen Dreams of a Wide Girl. Outposts Publications. 1966. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (A collection of Smyth's poems, first published in 1966. 20 poems written by Smyth in the
              early sixties on the themes of femininity, love, 'the revolution in the head' and a certain 'fredfish'.
              Dedicated to the pre-Soft Machine group the Wilde Flowers. 24 pages. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  72. Smyth, Gilli: We Who Were Raging in the Late '60's and Early '70's. 1987. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Prose poem booklet containing Smyth's examination of the counter-culture movement
              in open verse written in 1987. (This poem is also included in the 'Politico, Spirito,
              Historico' book, see below). 12 page booklet. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  73. Smyth, Gilli/Babs Kirk: The Mind Book. 1989. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Long prose poem on the Animus written in the '80's and first published in 1989.
              With illustrations by Babs Kirk. 52 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  74. Smyth, Gilli: Politico Historico Spirito. 1994. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Smyth's personal and factual history of Gong. Smyth's radically re-written and
              expanded Gong history book. Originally released by Voiceprint in 1994. Gong have
              had a long and colourful story, starting with the 1968 revolution when founders
              Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth had to flee as "revolutionaries". This is the story
              of the band through all its many stages and diversifications up to now.
              Includes Smyth's poem ‘We Who Were Raging in the Late 60's and Early 70's'
              and a Gong timeline overview. 40 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  75. Smyth, Gilli: Godly Talk. 2001. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (20 page A5 format booklet of lyrics and poems by Gilli, Illustrations by
              Taliesin Allen. Some of the lyrics in this volume made their first public appearance
              on the recent Gong tours. Titles include 'The Song of O', 'If We Were Gods and
              Goddesses', 'I Am Invisible' and 'Mysterious Stranger'. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  76. Smyth, Gilli: Vagaries of Godly Talk. 2002. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (40 page A5 format book. Illustrations by Taliesin Allen. 23 perceptive, satirical
              pieces, with themes such as e-mails from God. meeting your clone and bizarre physics.
              A sequel to'Godly Talk'. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  77. Vig, Wendy/Jon Anderson: Fountains of Gold. Chester, NY 1997. ISBN: 0-9623-6939-X.
              (Here's a description by the author, Wendy Vig:
              Fountains of Gold is a special collaboration of simple poetry
              written by myself and beautiful artwork done by Jon Anderson of the rock group YES.
              He writes in his introduction:
              "Hi, Wendy was one of the first people I met on the 'net', she would send these very sweet and simple poems,
              I told her she should put together a book of poems and I would love to paint for them.
              They are magical in the way they speak volumes, yet not many words appear in front of your eyes,
              well, just sit back and drink some tea and enjoy this very unique book." Jon Anderson.
              More information on the opio website. Thanks to John Kuge.)

  78. Wakeman, Rick: Say Yes! An autobiography. London/Sydney/Auckland 1995. ISBN: 0-340-62151-6.
              (Humourous autobiography of the Yes keyboarder.
              Some say, there's not enough Yes in there, but then, how long was Wakeman with them? Very honest.)

  79. newly addedWakeman, Rick: Grumpy old Rock Star. And Other Wondrous Stories. London 2008. ISBN: 9781848090040
              (More anecdotes and memories from the Yes keyboarder.)

  80. Wilkinson, Mark: Masque - The Graphic World Of Mark Wilkinson, Fish And Marillion. Haddington 2000. ISBN: 0-9539-5510-9.
              (Author of most of Marillion's & Fish's sleeves, Mark Wilkinson is a designer of Roger Dean (Yes)
              or Paul Whitehead (Genesis)'s calibre. A 178-page book gathers his best works commented and illustrated
              by original documents. The book includes transcripts of a series of conversations between Fish and Wilkinson.
              Can be ordered here or here.)

  81. Wyatt, Frank: Oblivion Sun.
              (A book of poetry by Happy the man member Wyatt. I have no idea if this book has already
              been published. It is impossible to get any information, even from the pubisher.)

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    II. Not yet published

  82. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 2, Gong: 69-75. 2006.
              (This is part 2 of Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming. Soft Machine 66 - 69. 1994. More info here.)

  83. Haskell, Gordon: The Road to Harry's Bar. Mainstream Publ. 2006. ISBN: 1840189878.
              (The ex-member of King Crimson has written his autobiography. It's expected in January 2006.)

  84. Rosa, Enrico: Blues voicing. Forthcoming.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. "A complete book about
              voicing the blues in its many different formulas." Thanks to Enrico Rosa.)

  85. Rosa, Enrico: Open Strings. Forthcoming.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. "Chords with harmonics,
              chords with open strings and harmonics,including compositions with the use of harmonics."
              Thanks to Enrico Rosa.)

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    III. In the making (can anyone confirm this?)

  86. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 3.
              (This volume will cover the period from 1975 to Allen's work
              with Bill Laswell and his return to Australia.

  87. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 4.

  88. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 5.
              (This volume will cover the Eighties.)

  89. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 6.

  90. Anderson, Jon: A book of his paintings and lyrics.

  91. Anderson, Jon/Kathy South: Visions of Light (working title).
              (According to Wendy Vig, co-author of 'Fountains of Gold',
              the book will not be published due to contractual problems.
              It should have included lyrics by Jon Anderson and artwork by Kathy South
              which apparently incorporates photographs of Jon. Thanks to John Kuge and Wendy Vig.)

  92. Howe, Steve: The guitarist's survival kit.

  93. Howe, Steve: An autobiography?

  94. Molland, Joey/Billy James: When I Was A Boy - My Life With Badfinger. Bentonville 2006.
              (The new book on Badfinger written by band member Joey Molland with
              Billy James, formerly announced as "Day after Day - The story of Badfinger"
              has a new title "When I Was A Boy - My Life With Badfinger".
              Also the book will most likely contain a bonus DVD with rare photos,
              live video footage, contracts and other items of interest.)

  95. Kull, Greg: On the Grounds between Progress and Convention
              (In the last quarter of 1996, Kull started another novel, but it remains unfinished.)

  96. Kull, Greg: Poems.
              (Some eighty poems were written in 1994 through 1996 and have yet to be published.)

  97. Kull, Greg: The Revolution.
              (This novel has yet to be published.)

  98. Wakeman, Rick: A novel. Originally planned for 2003.

  99. Wakeman, Rick: Writing a book about Yes.
              („I want to do one from what it's like inside the band. People think we are serious but it really is a lot of fun.")

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