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1. Online Articles
2. Interviews
3. Other bibliographies
4. Links to books pages, publishers', authors' and artists' pages, where you can order books
5. Online bookstores
6. Fun
7. Miscellanea

1. Online Articles

oHere is a site featuring Prog texts (in portuguese).

oHere is a Prog history and a selection of milestone recordings.

oHere is Peg Aloi's „Love From The Fields. The Imagery Of Pagan Britain in The Songs Of Ian Anderson".

oHere is Roger L. Anderson's „Ian Anderson's acoustic guitar in the early recordings of Jethro Tull".

o"Songs from the wood. Comments on the Caswell essay" by John Benninghouse is here.

o"Minstrel in the Gallery: History in the music of Jethro Tull" by Judson C. Caswell can be found here.

oSeveral articles by Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Stick can be found here.

oSeveral other articles about the Stick can be found here.

oHere is „Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Trilogy." by John Covach.

oHere is „Free Hand. The Gentle Art of Counterpoint" by John Covach.

oHere is „Genesis' Selling England by the Pound." by John Covach.

oHere is „Jazz-Rock? Rock-Jazz? Stylistic Crossover in Late-1970s American Progressive Rock" by John Covach.

oHere is „Jethro Tull and the Long Song." by John Covach.

oHere is „Progressive or Excessive? Uneasy Tales from Topographics Oceans." by John Covach.

oHere is „Progressive Rock, "Close to the Edge", and the Boundaries of Style." by John Covach.

oHere is „Stylistic Competencies, Musical Humor, and This is Spinal Tap" by John Covach.

oHere is Jim DeRogatis' „Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Prog-Rock Underground (But Were Afraid to Ask)".

oHereis Jim DeRogatis-website with lots of articles.

oHere are ELP articles and interviews.

oHere are even more ELP articles and interviews.

oThis is Jon Green's Promenade the Puzzle, a very interesting site on "the poetic vision of Peter Sinfield" (subtitle). Here you will find all the hermetic scriptures you laughed at reading Umberto Eco's "Il pendolo di Foucault" or you grew fascinated with reading "The holy blood and the holy grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Anyway, a very interesting site for those who want to explore Sinfield's lyrics in depth.

oHere is an article about "The Chapman Stick, at home in the world of progressive rock" by Greg Howard. Thanks to Ralf J. Günther.

oHere is Tomás Howie's „Rhythms of Progressive Rock".

oHere you will find the Jethro Tull Tour History and The Annotated 'Passion Play'.

oHere „Rock in the Name of Progress" by Brian L. Knight.

o"Ian's Central Theme. Aqualung revisited." by Jeroen Louis is here.

oHere is André Mauro's and Breno Ninini's „Rock Germânico no Brasil".

oHere is Dave Morris' „Jethro Tull, Progressive Rock and Thematic Approach".

oHere is Lawrence Moseley's „Jethro Tull : Gutter Prose, Kitchen Rhymes, Art For Your Time".

oHere is Celso Pucci's „Can. Unanimidade subterrânea.

oRush is not regarded as Prog here. But, Rush fans, if you like to read, start here.

oHere is Neil R. Thomason's „Jethro Tull, Celtic or English?".

oThis is "TullScapes. Essays on the art of Jethro Tull".

oHere is Jan Voorbij's „"Do You Still See Me Even Here.........?" Seven years of Virtual Jethro Tull community".

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2. Interviews

oThere are a lot of interviews with Progressive Rock musicians on the Innerviews site.

oHere are ELP articles and interviews.

oHere are even more ELP articles and interviews.

oThere are a couple of interviews with the Flower Kings on their website.

oThe official Gentle Giant website has some interviews.

oThe Elephant Talk website has a huge collection of interviews with King Crimson band members and alumni.

oProg4you has a lot more than only Interviews.

oInterviews with Renaissance band members and alumni can be found at Northern Lights.

oThe Transatlantic website. Here you can find band interviews.

o"And I Heard a Million Voices Singing: Texture and Color in the Music of Rick Wakeman" is an article about the orchestrational techniques used by Rick Wakeman in the music he has created with Yes, and on his own. It also includes a brief musicological treatise on progressive rock.

oYes interviews can be found at Notes from the edge. Have a look at the Yeshoo site for links to even more Yes interviews.

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3. Other bibliographies

oA source for worldwide bibliographical data: the KVK.

oHere is a Pop and Rock bibliography.

oHere is a HUGE Pop and Rock bibliography.'s Prog books page.

oThere is a bibliography on the website. It also has periodical publications.

oBabyblaue is a german website which also has information on a couple of Prog books.

oThe great site has a small bibliography of italian Prog books. You can also buy some of them there.

oAnother great Prog bibliography is here at

oJanell Duxbury, author of 'Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' the Rock' has another great bibliography.

oBibliographie Populäre Musik in Deutschland (inkl. DDR), compiled by Peter Wicke, author of several books on german Rock and Pop Music.

oInformation on Italian books can be found here.

oYou can also check the books section of the PFM homepage.

oThe Brian Eno Bibliography is here.

oHere is a Peter Gabriel bibliography.

oThe Genesis Museum has been an important bibliographical source. I "stole" some description from there.

oHere is a Pink Floyd bibliography.

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4. Links to books pages, publishers', authors' and artists' pages, where you can order books

oInformation on Daevid Allen's books can be found here.

oJon Anderson's opio website, where you can also find some poems.

oDag Erik Asbjørnsen: Cosmic Dreams at play.

oPeter Banks & Billy James: Beyond and Before. You might also want to have a look at the golden treasures publishing website or the Flash website.

oBuy Paolo Barotto's book 'Il ritorno del Pop italiano' at

oCarsten Busch's 'File under Symfo'.

oMarcelo Camerlo's 'The magic land' can be ordered here.

oThe original scores of Campo di Marte (1973) and of the new live album will be soon on the internet. Check Enrico Rosa's website or Campo di Marte's website.

oJohn Covach's website.

oRoger Dean's website.

oJanell Duxbury's website.

oBuy Janete El Haouli's book 'Demetrio Stratos' at

oInformation on the progress of Keith Emerson's autobiography can be found at Keith Emerson's Website.

oMore information about 'Keith Emerson: Interviews' can be found here.

oA website for David Gallant's 'Asia. The Heat Goes On'.

oGentle Giant website.

oFrancis Grosse's and Bernard Gueffier's 'La discographie alphabetique du Rock Français' can be ordered here.

oBernward Halbscheffel's doctoral thesis 'Rockmusik und klassisch-romantische Bildungstradition' has been published online. You might also want to check the author's website.

oPeter Hammill's books.

oVernon Joynson's 'The Tapestry of delights'.

oVernon Joynson's 'Fuzz, Acid and Flowers'.

oJean-Louis Lafiteau's 'L'Encyclopédie Des Musiques Progressives' can be ordered here.

oGreg Lake's website.

oTony Levin's website.

oLost Horizons has two interesting songbooks: ELP and King Crimson.

oModern drummer publications website.

oLeonardo Nahoum's 'Enciclopédia Do Rock Progressivo' can be ordered here.

oGet Giancarlo Nanni's book 'Rock progressivo inglese' here.

oMore information and a preview of Yvonne Nicholson's book on Jethro Tull can be found at Nicholson's website.

oMore information on Scott Allen Nollen's book on Jethro Tull can be found here.

oMike Oldfield's website.

oThe german Mike Oldfield website.

oArticles about Mike Oldfield can be found here.

oCheck the Planetgong website for Gong related releases.

oInformation on Robin Platts' 'Genesis: Inside & Out' can be found here.

oEnrico Rosa's site is here. Also visit his Campo di Marte website.

oMore information on David Shaw-Parker's 'The Lemming Chronicles' can be found here.

oInformation on Sid Smith's King Crimson book can be found at the DGM website. You can order the book here.

oEric Tamm's website. Here you can find his books on Robert Fripp and Brian Eno.

oThe Tullbooks page.

oBuy Franco Vassia's 'I campi della memoria, semi di beat, folk & rock.' here.

oFor information about Peter Vickers' 'Genesis Collectibles' ask the author himself:

oDavid Watkinson: Perpetual change.

oJohn Wetton's website.

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5. Online bookstores (US) (UK) (Germany) (France) (Italy)

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6. Fun

oShakira is a Yes fan, wanna bet?

oKen Burns' Prog Rock series.

oTwo ELP Comics can be found here and here.

oA Yes Comic

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7. Miscellanea

oThe Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock.

oAnother Progressive Rock source.

oA guide to prog webradios, radioshows and archived music.

oThere are not too many good Neo-Progressive bands, but Big Big Train and Bright Horizon are two of them.

oVisit the great ELP-history website (in German).

oVisit the official Genesis website.

oInformation on Gentle Giant sheet Music can be found at the Gentle Giant website.

oA Jethro-Tull lyrics website.

oMark Graham has a website with King Crimson-trankriptions called The FraKctured Zone. Thanks to Daniel Rheault.

oThe Progressive Newsletter website.

oThe Phillip Rauls, a former promotion manager for Atlantic Records who worked with YES and ELP and King Crimson.

Radiant Records, what a record company!

oFor good Progressive Rock, see also

oIf you are interested in the austrian author Arthur Schnitzler, check


oCheck out sir eel records, the record company of Marl Stanley, Farquhar, Spirit Gang, god Radio and Blazz.

oFor good Progressive Rock, see also Steve's Staxdrum site.

oHere you can find guitar tablature for Yes, ABWH, Steve Howe, Asia and GTR.

oAnother great Yes site can be found here.

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oThe young persons' guide to Progressive Rock books.


oThematically sorted lists.

oLiterary references in Progressive Rock.

oSongbooks list.

oMy wants list.

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