French Progressive Rock

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I. Books and articles already published
II. Books in the making

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Caunes, Antoine de: Magma. Paris 1978. ISBN: 2226005633.
              (187 pages with illustrations and discography.)

  2. Grosse, Francis/Bernard Gueffier: La Discographie du Rock Français. Un guide musical, historique et discographique du rock français de la fin des années 60 à nos jours. Hors série de Musea Mag, Musea MP 3017.AR, EAN-Code: 3426300030177. 1st ed. Chaumont 1984 (1000 copies), 2nd ed. 1986 (1000 copies), 3rd ed. Dombasle 1994 (2000 copies). ISSN: 1245-3692.
              (Can be ordered here.
              Musea plans to release the fourth edition in 2002, probably in the form of a CD-ROM.
              This edition will include at least three times more bands and records than the previous one!
              Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

  3. Germonville, Jean-Pierre: Ange - Au-Delà Du Système, Vingt Ans De Musique. Nancy, Presses Univ. de Nancy 1990. ISBN: 2-86480-449-2.
              (This book by Jean-Pierre Germonville traces back the complete history
              of the Decamps brothers' band. This work is indispensable for all Ange fans,
              due to its numerous photos and interviews of band members from different periods.
              Ange was, after all, the most famous seventies French Progressive rock band.
              Can be ordered here.)

  4. newly addedDechamps, Christian: Mes Mots d'Ange et autres vers solitaires. Jarville-La Malgrange 1993. ISBN:2-86955-149-5.
              (Book of lyrics by the Ange leader.)

  5. Matsumoto Masayuki (ed.): Marquee's Encyclopedia of European Rock 3. France Eric Satie - 1994. Tokyo 1994. No ISBN.

  6. Busson, Thierry/Xavier Chatagnon/Bruno Versmisse: Ange. Le Livre Des Légendes. L'anthologie définitive sur le groupe mythique du rock français. Besançon, Eclipse Ed., 1995. ISBN: 2-911494-00-8.
              (This book, "Le Livre Des Légendes" is about France's best known Progressive rock band: Ange.
              Can be ordered here.)

  7. Poulet, Francis: Mona Lisa 1970-1980. Ou L'aventure "Pop" de cinq Orléanals. 1999. Privately Published, No. ISBN.
              (This book, documenting the career of the group Mona Lisa led by singer Dominique Le Guennec,
              was written by their original drummer. Can be ordered here.)

  8. Author? Biographie Française.
              (Can be ordered here.)

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    II. Books in the making:

  9. Freeman, Steven/Allan Freeman: A new book about French progressive rock
              (Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

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