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I. Books and articles already published
II. Books that have not been published yet
III. Books in the making

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Sinfield, Peter: Under the sky. A collection of lyrics and poems. London 1973. ISBN: 0-85115-0349.
              (Contains the Lyrics to some King Crimson and ELP songs, along with other poems.)

  2. Hartwich-Wiechell, Dörte: Pop-Musik. Analysen und Interpretationen. Köln 1974. ISBN: 3-87252-078-4.
              (Especially interesting is a chapter on "Zeugnisse des Eklektizismus und der Rückwendung", pp. 282 - 297.
              She offers a matrix for adaptions of classical music, starting with close reproduction
              and ending at free interpretation and mere stylistic inspiration.
              Among others, she discusses ELP's "Abaddon's Bolero" and The Who's "Tommy".
              On pp. 279 - 281 she also discusses Deep Purple's "Child in Time".)

  3. Imaizumi, Hiroshi: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Tokyo 1977. No ISBN.
              (In japanese.)

  4. Palmer, Carl: Applied Rhythms. Modern Drummer Publications, Cedar Grove NY 1987. No ISBN.
              (Contains transcriptions of a few tracks, mainly Asia stuff, but also some ELP (the shorter, simpler songs)
              along with Carl's comments on each song.
              Get the book on the modern drummer publications website.)

  5. Pethel, Blair: Keith Emerson: The emergence and growth of style. A study of selected works. Ann Arbor 1988. No ISBN.
              (A doctoral thesis in musicology. Very detailed analyses.)

  6. Jacobs, Brian: Keith Emerson. Interviews. Keyboard Magazine edition. Japan 1992. ISBN: 4-8456-0040-4.
              (It seems to be a collection of interviews in Japanese of 263 pages.
              It is not clear whether it is a book or magazine format.
              More information here, if you can read it... Can be ordered here.)

  7. Ford, Peter T.: The Compositional Style of Keith Emerson in „Tarkus" (1971) for the Rock Music Trio Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Indiana State University, Terre Haute Indiana 1994. No ISBN.
              (Dissertation. Can be ordered from: University Microfilms International, 300 North Zeeb Rd., P.O. Box 1346, Ann Arbor MI 48106-1346)

  8. Matsui, Takumi: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Tokyo 1996. ISBN: 4-924880-85-X.

  9. Covach, John: Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Trilogy. From: Progression Magazine, fall 1997.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  10. Lake, Greg: Word Sculptures. Lyrics from the Musical Life of Greg Lake. Greg Lake Ltd. c/o Pilato Entertainment, Rochester, NY 1997. ISBN: 0966505409.
              (The Greg Lake website says: "The book features the lyrics to over 40 of Greg Lake's songs,
              including "Lucky Man", "In The Court Of The Crimson King", "Daddy", "Take A Pebble",
              "From The Beginning", "Closer To Believing", "Still... You Turn Me On", "Karn Evil 9",
              "C'est la Vie", "Watching Over You", "Manoeuvres" etc.
              Additionally, there is an introduction by Greg Lake, and a photo section spanning
              Greg's entire musical career." More information can be found on Greg's website. Thanks To John Kuge.)

  11. Vasvári-Tóth, Tibor/Krisztina Újvárossy-Nagy: Emerson Lake and Palmer. Budapest 1999.
              (Rare Hungarian biography with band biography, album reviews,
              48 page database. 360 pages.)

  12. Loog Oldham, Andrew: Stoned. London Secker & Warburg, 2000. ISBN 0-436-28866-4.
              (This is the autobiography of the Stones manager who also was the manager,
              among others, of The Nice, taken from conversations between Oldham and
              Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Mary Quant and others. Throughout it all,
              Oldham emerges as brilliant, manipulative, slightly sinister and ultimately unknowable.)

  13. Holm-Hudson, Kevin: A Promise Deferred: Multiply Directed Time and Thematic Transformation in Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Trilogy". In: Holm-Hudson, Kevin (Ed.): Progressive Rock Reconsidered. New York 2001, pp. 111 - 120. ISBN: 0815337159.

  14. Forrester, George/Martyn Hanson/Frank Askew: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The show that never ends. A musical biography. London 2001. ISBN: 1-900924-17-X.
              (Surprisingly a rather weak book on ELP.
              It consists of 2 parts: Part one has the band's history, with some information on the years
              before ELP has been formed, part two consists of analyses of most of the band's tracks.
              The first part does not provide much new information, despite a very interesting chapter on the
              disasterous "Works"-tour, part 2 is even weaker, for it doesn't have anything you wouldn't hear by yourself.
              Nevertheless, it contains a good discography. A new edition seems to be in the making. More info here.)

  15. Gallant, David: Asia. The Heat Goes On. The Authorized Asia Biography. Summerside, PEI, Canada 2001. ISBN: 0-9688584-0-6.
              (A book on Asia, most interesting for Prog fans for it descibes a comparatively less known phase
              in the life of three important Prog musicians, Steve Howe, John Wetton and Carl Palmer.
              The book gives detailed insight in the band's career, even when it didn't exist.
              Concerning the eighties, the book unfortunately focuses mainly on Wetton.
              As there already is a Wetton biography and a book on ELP, more information about Howe and Downes
              (who has been the band's leader ever since the early nineties) would have been welcome.
              But this is only a minor flaw, the book is absolutely worth reading,
              for it describes the career of a couple of great Prog musician during a time when Prog seemed to be over.
              Available here.)

  16. Hanson, Martyn: The story of The Nice: Hanging on to a Dream. London 2002. ISBN: 1900924439.
              (A book on The Nice. This book has several faults. First and most severe fault:
              Keith Emerson wasn't available for interviews. The reason is that he wanted to save
              his best stories for his own book, but certainly this one lacks his input. Secondly,
              the book is not very well proofread. Then there are certain things lacking, for example:
              All bandmembers are introduced in little biographies with the strange exception of
              Pat Arnold, without whom The Nice would never have existed. Then we read about the band members'
              reactions to Emerson's dismission of the band - with the exception of Lee Jackson.
              On the other hand, it has strong appendices: discographies, gig lists and the beformentioned
              biographies. In the end: not the book I expected, but the only one about an important band. More info here.)

  17. Emerson, Keith: Pictures of an Exhibitionist. London 2003. ISBN: 1-904034-79-9.
              (This is a man's book about a men's world. Full of trips and fucks. Very honest, but not really a
              chronological history of KE, The Nice or ELP. Moreover, the book sort of ends in 1978.)

  18. newly addedKawamoto, Akitsugu: Beyond Cover: Emerson. Lake and Palmer's restructure of Pictures at an Exhibition. In: Musicology and Globalization: Proceedings of the international Congress in Shizuoka 2002. Tokyo 2004. ISBN: 4990228200.

  19. Kawamoto, Akitsugu: ‘Can You Still Keep Your Balance?': Keith Emerson's anxiety of influence, style change, and the road to prog superstardom. In: Popular Music XXIV 2, May 2005, pp. 223-244.

  20. Shaw, Matthew: A dissertation about ELP's „Pictures at an exhibition". 24 pages, 2005.

  21. Kawamoto, Akitsugu: Forms of Intertextuality: Keith Emerson's Development as a "Crossover" Musician. Dissertation Chapel Hill 2006. No ISBN.
              („This 356 pp. dissertation suggests the need to view intertextuality in its multiplicity
              and dynamism, by disclosing and interpreting a variety of intertextual practices and their
              important historical developments in the case of prog-rock keyboardist Keith Emerson's 'crossover' music.
              Emerson's general style of blending 'rock' and 'classical' music is elucidated in comparison
              with that of other prog rock musicians." More information here. )

  22. Lupis, Giuseppe: The published music of Keith Emerson: Expanding the solo piano repertoire. University of Georgia, Athens 2006. No ISBN.
              („My DMA dissertation, which will include the reprint and piano arrangement of 13 mostly out-of-print compositions
              by Keith Emerson is scheduled for April 20, 2006. In my DMA dissertation you will find among other information:
              where to find his music scores, what has been published, what is out-of-print, what is new."
              From Giuseppe Lupis' website.)

  23. Macan, Edward: Endless Enigma. A Musical Biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Chicago 2006. ISBN: 0-8126-9596-8.
              (The book covers the band' history from the recording
              sessions for their first album in June 1970 to their final implosion
              in December 1998, the book is both a biography of the band and a critical
              survey of all of the ELP albums (including ELPowell and Three), as well as of the solo work of
              Emerson, Lake and Palmer individually. Find out more here. Thanks to Edward L. Macan.)

  24. Marshall, Polly: "The God of Hellfire". The crazy life and times of Arthur Brown. Wembley 2006. ISBN: 0-946719-77-2.
              (Carl Palmer was Arthur Brown's drummer from May 1968 until June 1970. Expected in December.)

  25. Green, Jon: Promenade the Puzzle. The Poetic Vision of Peter Sinfield.
              (About possible connections between King Crimson and emperor Friedrich II. This is an online article. Click here.)

  26. newly addedPlotczyk, S./ Smith, J.: Keith Emerson musical quote list sorted by composer.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

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    III. In the making (can anyone confirm this?)

  27. newly addedHolm-Hudson, Kevin: Tell Mussorgsky the News: Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Pictures at an Exhibition" as open work. Forthcoming.

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