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This site currently features bibliographical data to 705 Progressive Rock/Art Rock publications (books and articles). It is intended to provide information for the fan who wants to get a deeper understanding of the music (s)he likes, but also as a source for academic research.

I have also tried to provide some comments on those publications I know. If you want to see the bibliography without my comments (the "printer friendly version"), click here!

Is this your first visit? Then read on here. Next is the new stuff, followed by an explanation of what you will and what you won't find here. I also suggest you read the young persons' guide to Progressive Rock books!

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Rick Wakeman published his second volume of anecdotes and memories, called "Grumpy old Rock Star"

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What can be found here?

This site features bibliographical data on Progressive Rock. I do not want to get into the discussion of what Prog is, or what distinguishes it from other styles of popular (and classical?) musics. Just a few remarks on what is and will be included here should be enough.
Featured on this site are books that cover Progressive/Art Rock in general, or artists and bands who record(ed) music regarded as Progressive/Art Rock. I also decided to add articles by musicologists, but fanzine features and articles remain excluded.

Books I don't have full bibliographical data of are marked with a . Concerning those books, the information provided here has been checked, but it is incomplete: an ISBN, a year etc. might be missing. So your help is always welcome! Just send an email to bibmaster{at}progbibliography.de

Regarded as Progressive/Art Rock by whom?

Well, by me. This is a natural consequence of the beforementioned fact that it is pretty much unclear, what Prog is (just like any other cultural manifestation). There is of course no dividing line between Prog and non-Prog - and that's fine! But then, one may argue that Gentle Giant may be a little "more Prog" than Genesis and maybe even more than Pink Floyd (please do not contact me about that particular topic, I am sure you have a completely different opinion!). So to give you an impression, or an example of what you can find here: The Gentle Giant book is included here, also the books on Genesis (there have been quite a few...), but you will not find any stuff on Pink Floyd. Although it is without doubt, that this band was very progressive, it was not really Progressive, you know what I mean? Nevertheless, I'm sure you will find some great Pink Floyd bibliographies on the 'net!
I list a few titles covering styles connected to Prog, like Krautrock, Psychedelic etc. These are mentioned, when the descriptions of these books I found on the internet gave me the impression, that Yes is at least mentioned... So do not expect a full bibliography of those styles!

I will not be able to give full descriptions of all the books and articles mentioned here, for I do not know them all. But I will add some from time to time, to give you an impression of what they contain. Don't worry, I try to avoid the amazon style: "I liked this book, go an' get it".
You are not interested in my comments? Just delete them!

You can go directly to the following sections:

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Where can you get these books?

Please note: I don't sell anything! But you may easily find some, or even many of the books mentioned here. I suggest you try the big online bookstores first:
amazon.com (US)
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or for the more rare titles, try national bookstores like
internetbook.it (Italy)

That's where I found most of the books in my own collection. You can also follow the links displayed within the entries, or check the links page, some will lead you to authors' or publishers' websites, where you might also be able to get a book.
The availability of many books may vary, so be patient and check those sites regularly. If you are looking for out-of-print or used books, you can try the following websites:
amazon.com (US)
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searchbox.org<br> italiamia.com

Moreover, quite a lot of the scientific texts (alongside other more easily accessible stuff) have been published on the 'net, I have put links to those on the website. If you happen to find any broken links, please tell me, I don't have the time to regularly check everything. Just send an email to bibmaster{at}progbibliography.de
Another try would be ebay, you may be lucky there.
If you are familiar with library proceedings, you might want to try to get the book by interlending. If you want to check the big libraries worldwide first, I suggest you try search machines like the KVK, a source for worldwide bibliographical data.

My sources:

Most helpful in the process of compiling this bibliography were YOU! Thanks to all the contributors! And keep writing in! Also very helpful were the internet sources collected in section 3 of my links page.

Help needed!

If you can contribute to this site in any way, like - you know an ISBN, a year, you know the author's name, you'd like a certain book to be added, you are welcome. Those books I don't have complete data of are marked with a "". I have specified my whishes here and there, but in most cases they should be obvious.
I especially need information about books on national scenes. It's hard to look for a Prog publication from Israel, if you don't speak Hebrew. Not to mention Japanese...
So if you can help in any way, write to bibmaster{at}progbibliography.de The information will be checked and subsequently published here.


Here I will collect WARNINGS concerning certain internet stores who are likely to betray you. This is based on my own experience as well as experiences of other visitors of my website.

First in line is iUniverse. I had to return a book which they had sent ignoring the cancellation of my order. I never had my money returned!

So what can I say - I hope you will find what you are looking for!


You can go directly to the following sections:

I. Books and articles already published
II. Books that have not been published yet
III. Books in the making

I. Books and articles already published:

  1. Agi, Yuzuru (ed.): The Bible: Rock Magazine No.04. Osaka. 1981. No ISBN.
              (A magazine containing biographies and discographies of European
              (including UK) Progressive Rock as far as known in Japan at that time.
              Rock Magazine was also known as the distributor of Phew's album „Aunt Sally".)

  2. Akaiwa, Kazumi/Ishii, Toshio: Who is Who of British Rock Scene. Tokyo. 1978. No ISBN. Second edition 2002. ISBN:4-7601-2275-3.
              (The long-awaited re-issue has just published in 2002
              but all the precious photographs were eliminated (in Japanese only).)

  3. Akashi, Masanori: Doitsu no Rokku Ongaku [Rockmusik aus Deutschland] matawa Can, Faust, Kraftwerk. Tokyo. 1st ed. 1997. ISBN: 4-89176-349-3. 2nd ed.: 4-89176-486-4.
              (In japanese. Containes imaginary liner notes for the albums of these artists.)

  4. Albery, Nicholas (ed.): Cornucopia of Ideas. London 2001. ISBN 0-948826-58-4.
              (A compendium of ideas collected by the Global Ideas Bank.
              Everything from what to do with medication reaching its use-by date
              to moving the Earth, from following another religion for one day each year
              to repairing coral reefs with eco-friendly concrete balls. Brian Eno contributes
              a preface paying tribute to Nicholas Albery, the founder of the Institute of
              Social Inventions who died in 2001. His preface also highlights the potential
              impact of "the more modest ideas that turn out to make a big difference."
              More information and ordering here.)

  5. Alfano, Innocenzo: Fra tradizione colta e popular music: il caso del rock progressivo: introduzione al genere che sfido la forma canzone (=Saggistica Aracne 36). Roma 2004. ISBN: - 88-799-9926-5.
              (99 p. in italian.)

  6. Alfano, Innocenzo: Verso un'altra realtà. Lanuvio 2006. ISBN: 8854805742.
              (A 172 page study on the methods of composition used by rock musicians,
              the book also contains a part specifically dedicated to progressive music. In Italian.)

  7. Allen, Daevid: If Words were Birds. London, 1964. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Allen's first volume of poetry. 21 early poems,
              including the first appearance of 'Captain Shaw & Mr Gilbert'.
              Allen originally gave copies to all his friends to illustrate, à la Sun Ra -
              the band illustrating their own LP sleeves. 28 page booklet.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  8. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 1. 1966 - 69: Soft Machine. Glastonbury 1994. ISBN: 1-899475-00-1.
    A new edition is expected by november 2005:
    Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 1: From Soft Machine to the Birth of Gong. Wembley 2005. ISBN: 0946719829. (192 pages).
              (Daevid Allen's history of the early Soft Machine. There will be a second part called
              'Gong Dreaming 2, Gong: 69-75' and further sequels! More info here or here.)

  9. Allen, Daevid: Book of Cloroforms. Poetry of the sleeping life. 1966. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Book of Allen's text-rich line drawings. Includes fragments of
              future Daevid Allen and Gong lyrics 40 pages.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  10. Allen, Daevid: What Happened To Walter. A Bananabook for Helen & Walter, The Travelling Allens. 1969. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (A little cartoon-type book was drawn by Allen for his parents
              who came to visit Gilli Smyth and him in Deya in 1969. Allen was slightly
              aprehensive about seing his parents for the first time since he left
              Australia 10 years before. Needless to say many things had changed
              since he left Oz in 1959, added to that they were also meeting Gilli
              for the first time. This funny fantasy catoon story about how the
              meeting might possibly turn out was his response. 14 page booklet.
              Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  11. Allen, Daevid: Camembert Electrique Lyric Book. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Reproduction of original lyric inserts. All the lyrics of Camembert Electrique
              illustrated by Allen. Originally came as an insert in the first BYG pressings
              of the classic LP. 8 page card booklet. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  12. Allen, Daevid: Free Mother Romania. Invisible Opera Company 1990. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Open Diaries of Allen's Transylvanian Adventures, July 1990.
              When Allen decided spontaneously to travel to Romania in July 1990,
              all he knew about the country was from media coverage of the December '89
              revolution - which fascinated him - and that there were many, many orphans
              needing help. He arrived in Bucarest with knowing no-one and with nowhere to stay,
              but found a warm, generous and stimulating people, eager to communicate
              on all levels - despite the invisible hand of fear and social repression
              still hovering over their shoulder. Allen's view of life in Romania has
              the unique and personal quality of a poet, political observer, traveller,
              humanist and friend. 40 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  13. Allen, Daevid: Shapeshifter. The book. 1992. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Allen's companion book to Gong's album of the same name. Written and illustrated
              by Allen. A densely packed book full of detail, an unmissable aid to the fuller
              and deeper understanding of Gong's Shapeshifter album. The story of
              Zero the Hero continues, forbidden the use of money, he enters a limbo-like
              state linked to constant travelling around the world by plane, leaving it briefly at
              various destinations for further strange initiatory adventures.
              As the Shapeshifter album is Radio Gnome Invisible Pt. 4, this book is a vital and
              highly entertaining key to understanding the link between 'You' and the recent
              'Zero To Infinitea'. First published in 1992. Contains complete Shapeshifter Lyrics.
              56 page book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  14. Allen, Daevid: Poet For Sale. Illustrated collection of Performance Poetry and Poems. 2003. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (The first collection of Allen's performance poetry and poems to be published since 1962.
              148 pages, 50 poems, dozens of photographs and illustrations chosen or drawn by Allen
              exclusively for this book. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

  15. Aloi, Peg: Love From The Fields. The Imagery Of Pagan Britain in The Songs Of Ian Anderson. From: Obsidian Magazine, vol.1, issue 2 (1998).
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  16. Aloisio, Giovanni: Goblin. La musica, la paura, il fenomeno. Roma 2005. ISBN - 88-894-8102-1
              (232pages about Goblin.)

  17. Anderson, Roger L.: Ian Anderson's acoustic guitar in the early recordings of Jethro Tull. From: Popular Music Studies, vol. 1 no. 1 (Spring, 1988).
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  18. Angiolini, Saverio/Enzo Gentile: Note di Pop italiano (=Guida 8). Milano 1977. Second edition 1978. No ISBN.
              (153p. „difficult to find and highly questionable in their statements" ist what an italian website says about the book.)

  19. Ansali, Paolo/Paolo Besagno/Paolo Carnelli/Daniele Cutali/Matteo D'Agord/Massimo Forni/Emanuele Kraushaar/Paolo Noro/Riccardo Storti/Pasquale Scarpato/Pierpaolo Tondo/Donato Zoppo: Racconti a 33 giri - 50 album per scoprire il rock progressivo italiano. Genova 2003. No ISBN.
              (Detailed Reviews of 50 essential italian Lps. 13 Authors, foreword by Gianni Leone. Presented by Il Centro Studi per il Progressive Italiano, MovimentiProg and Wonderous Stories.)

  20. Aprile, Al/Mayer, Luca: La musica rock-progressive europea. 1980. 1.ed., Milano, Gammalibri 1980. No ISBN.
              (215 pages.)

  21. Asbjørnsen, Dag Erik: Cosmic Dreams at play: A guide to german progressive and electronic rock. Glasgow 1996. ISBN: 1-899855-01-7.
              (There is a website dedicated to the book:
              It seems to be the whole book there!)

  22. Asbjørnsen, Dag Erik: Scented Gardens of the Mind. A guide to the golden era of progressive rock (1968 -1980) in more than 20 european countries. Wolverhampton 2000. ISBN: 1-899855-12-2.
              (The best prog discography I've ever seen: very detailed, all of the albums are described
              - and it's a lot more than "I like this album" - and there's a HUGE amount of albums there.
              Caution! This book does not cover the UK and Germany! Look for these countries in
              Asbjørnsen's "Cosmic Dreams at play" and in Joynson's "The Tapestry of delights".)

  23. Atton, Chris: ‘Living in the Past'?: Value discourses in progressive rock fanzines. In: Popular Music 20/1, 2001, pp. 29 - 46.
              (About the topics and the niveau of Progressive Rock fanzines.
              Atton mentions, among others, „Proclamation" and „Pilgrims".)

  24. Aymone, Carmine: Osanna. Naples in the world. Napoli, Edizioni Afrakà 2001. No ISBN.
              (The story of Osanna with details on other Naples connected bands. Preface by Peter Hammill.
              A website dedicated to the book is here.)

  25. Aymone, Carmine: Je sto cca'...: James Senese. Napoli 2005. ISBN - 88-718-8997-5.
              (162 p. + 1 compact disc. The story of the leader of Showmen and Napoli Centrale, with a bonus 6-track CD.)

  26. Backhuys, Kees Jan et al.: Marillion Songbook - The Fish Lyrics 1982-1988, published by the author i.a.w. Dutch Marillion Fanclub 1989 (2nd. ed.: 2001?). No ISBN.
              (Thanks to Carsten Busch.)

  27. Balitzki, Jürgen: Electra, Lift, Stern Combo Meißen. Geschichten vom Sachsendreier. Berlin 2001. ISBN: 3-89602-323-3.
              (Thanks to Ralf J. Günther.)

  28. Balzer, André: Textes Et Chansons - Biographie D'Atoll.
              (Singer André Balzer's book includes the French Atoll biography in four parts as
              it is on the four albums "Musiciens-Magiciens", "L'Araignée-Mal", "Tertio" and "Rock-Puzzle".
              It also includes all lyrics of released and unreleased songs. 86 pages, A5 format.
              Can be ordered here.)

  29. Banks, Peter/Billy James: Beyond and before - The Formative Years of Yes. Bentonville 2002. ISBN: 0-9710493-1-9 (soft cover), ISBN: 0-9710493-0-0 (hard cover with or without CD).
              (There is a limited edition hardback and a regular softback edition; the hardback
              is also available with a CD. Banks and Gerard Johnson have been working for some years now
              on Small Beginnings: Flashback, a music project based around a re-invention of Flash's "Small Beginnings".
              The release coincides with the 30th anniversary of Flash.
              Some versions of the book will come with a 20 min. CD, 'Small Beginnings: Flashback (A work in progress)',
              taken from the forthcoming Small Beginnings: Flashback project.
              More info at Peter Banks' website, at Golden Treasures Publishing or at the Flash website.)

  30. Barotto, Paolo: 100 foto storiche (di Pop italiano). 2002. Privately issued, no ISBN.
              (Contains 100 Photos of Prog artists, such as Alluminogeni, Antonius Rex, Area,
              Arti e Mestieri, Balletto di Bronzo, Banco del mutuo soccorso.)

  31. Barotto, Paolo: Il ritorno del Pop italiano. Dal 1970 al 2000. 4. edition, Luserna 2000. Published by the author, no ISBN.
              The third and expanded edition has been translated into english and published as:
  32. Barotto, Paolo: The return of italian Pop. Milano 1996. No ISBN.
              (The main focus of the book is on the italian Prog scene of the seventies.
              Younger bands and solo artists are compiled in an appendix.
              There are also a couple of interviews with the musicians. Very good book!)
              And there is another new edition:

    Barotto, Paolo/D'Ubaldo, Marco: Rock Progressivo Italiano. The Complete Discography. With CD. New edition, Milano 2006. ISBN: 8889886013.
              (200 pages. btf: „This new volume includes complete discographies
              for all artists and groups, updating the previous Barotto book
              „Il ritorno del Pop italiano". Many new entries and weird, obscure
              italian prog bands' rare discographies including a sampler CD of
              italian prog-rock best tracks from the Seventies: 15 tracks by Osanna,
              Delirium, New Trolls, Quella Vecchia Locanda, Raccomandata Ricevuta di Ritorno,
              Area, Panna Fredda, Orme, Procession, Metamorfosi, Genco Puro & Co. Osage Tribe,
              Libra, Cherry Five and Motowns. Full color reproductions of hundreds of original
              LP and singles covers, plus rarity ratings, plus rare magazine covers of Ciao 2001
              from the Seventies". Buy Barotto's book at btf.it.)

  33. Barraco, S./L. D'Accursio: Mini enciclopedia della musica Progressive.
              (Buy here.)

  34. Barroso Rivera, Antonio José: Enciclopedia de la música progresiva en españa. Sevilla 2007. ISBN: 978-84-935317-1-3.
              (Reviews of more than 500 groups and soloists from A to Z, illustrated with 160 pages of album covers in color. Thanks to Mac de Paz.)

  35. Bayeulle, Alain/Laurence Berrouet: Genesis. Paris 1987. ISBN: 2-226-02789-0.
              (A biography of the band and solo members.)

  36. van der Beek, Frans: Ekseption. Apeldoorn 1973. ISBN: 90-6086-597-9.

  37. Behrens, Roger: Progressivrock als zeitlose Unmode. In: Testcard. Beiträge zur Popgeschichte. Bd. 4: Retrophänomene in den 90ern. Mainz 1997. ISBN: 3-931555-03-8.
              (25 pages about progressive rock. Thanks to Ralf J. Günther.)

  38. Bennett, Graham "Soft Machine. Out-Blooody-Rageous", London 2005, SAF Publishing. ISBN: 0-946719-84-5.

  39. Benninghouse, John: Songs from the wood. Comments on the Caswell essay.
              (This is an online article. Click here.)

  40. Benson, Joe: Uncle Joe's record guide: Progressive Rock. Glendale, CA: J. Benson Unlimited, 1989. ISBN: 0-943031-11-7.
              (A guide to progressive rock albums by Emerson, Lake & Palmer,
              Genesis, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and Yes.
              A revised edition is planned for May 2002. ISBN: 094303115X.)

  41. Benson, Raymond: Jethro Tull - The Pocket Essential Guide. London 2002. ISBN: 1904048188.
              (Raymond Benson examines every Jethro Tull album — track listing,
              personnel, cover art, recording history, and content. The book is
              released to coincide with Jethro Tull's 35th anniversary in 2003.
              According to Neil Thomason, this is a useful summary of the basic
              facts about Tull's career, but offers little that hasn't already
              been covered by other biographies or indeed websites.)

  42. Berlin, Jeff: A Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass. Milwaukee, WI. 1987. ISBN: 0-943686-61-X.
              (52 pages and an audio cassette by the Bruford-collaborator.)

  43. Bertoncelli, Riccardo: Brian Eno. Tutti i testi e gli scritti con trad. a fronte (= Musiqa 3). Milano 1982. ISBN: 88-85008-41-0.

  44. Bertoncelli, Riccardo (ed.): Enciclopedia rock anni '70. 3rd edition, Milano/Padova 1995. ISBN: 88-85859-14-3.
              (833 pages.)

  45. Bertrando, Paolo: King Crimson, Robert Fripp. Tutti i testi e gli scritti con trad. a fronte. Milano 1984. ISBN: 88-85008-63-1.

  46. Bertrando, Paolo et al.: Peter Gabriel. Milano 1989. ISBN: - 88-85859-42-9.
              (79 Pages.)

  47. Blasquiz, Klaus: The Fender Bass. Milwaukee, WI 1990. ISBN: 0-7935-0757-X.
              (Blasquiz, better known to Magma fans by the nom kobaiën Klotsz Zaspïaahk,
              tells the story of the development of the Fender Bass by describing the different models
              and their improvements from the original instrument through to its present form.)

  48. Blasquiz, Klaus/Cabrel, Francis/Ferstenberg, Muriel/Ruiz, Maxime et al.: Luthiers & Guitares d'en France. Chandelle Productions, Paris 1996. ISBN 2-911962-00-1.
              (A book about building guitars. 237p. I am not a 100 per cent sure, that the author Klaus Blasquiz is Magma's singer Klaus Blasquiz.)

  49. Bonet, Magda: Genesis. Barcelona 1991.
              (95 pages of biography and photos plus The Mama Tour video.
              "Juan Salvant" is not the author, "Salvat" (which is the correct spelling)
              is the publisher.)

  50. Bowler, Dave/Brian Dray: Genesis: A Biography. New York 1992. ISBN: 0-283-06132-4.
  51.           (A Band history and discography. Published in Germany (as 'Genesis. Die Biographie') in 1993,
  52. +
  53.           Poland 1995, and updated in the UK in 1994
              (softcover) with about 60 more pages. Thanks to Carsten Busch.)

  54. Bowman, Durrell S.: "Let Them All Make Their Own Music": Individualism, Rush, and the Progressive/Hard Rock Alloy, 1976 - 77. In: Holm-Hudson, Kevin (Ed.): Progressive Rock Reconsidered. New York 2001, pp. 183 - 218. ISBN: 0815337159.

  55. Brackett, David: Essay Review. In: Popular Music 20/2, 2001, pp. 275 - 283.
              (Reviews of Covach/Boone: Understanding Rock and Everett: Expression in Pop-Rock Music.)

  56. Branson, Richard: Losing My Virginity: How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way. London 1998. ISBN: 0812931017.
              New and expanded edition:
    Branson, Richard: Losing My Virginity. London 2000. ISBN: 0753504561.
              (This is the autobiography of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.
              Branson got his first million by releasing Mike Oldfield's debut "Tubular Bells"
              (1998's "Tubular Bells III" put the series' sales over 20 million.)

  57. Breitman, Uri: Progressive Rock. From the 60s to the Present. Tel Aviv 2005. ISBN: 965-521-006-5.
              (In Hebrew (Original title: „Rock Mitkadem"). The book deals with the story of Prog
              in England from it's origins in the 50s and 60s through it's rebirth in the 90s and
              reflects on it's future. There is also a chapter on Isreali progressive Rock.
              This is the first Prog book in Hebrew! More information here and here. Thanks to Uri Breitman.)

  58. Bright, Spencer: Peter Gabriel: An authorized Biography. First edition, New York 1988. ISBN: 0-283-99498-3. 2nd edition, New York 1999. ISBN: 0283061871.

  59. Bruford, Bill: When in doubt, roll! Cedar Grove NY 1988. ISBN: 0-7935-3529-8.
              (Contains transcriptions of a few tracks, also some Yes stuff, along with Bill's comments on each song.
              Get the book on the modern drummer publications website.)

  60. Bultrighini, Umberto/Gianni Oliva: Dopo i Beatles. Musica e società negli anni settanta (=Universale Carabba 1). Lanciano, Carabba 2003. ISBN - 88-883-4056-4.
              (The proceedings of a 2001 meeting on music and society in the 70's, with interesting contributions by PFM members Mussida, Di Cioccio and Djivas, 272 pages in italian.)

  61. Busch, Carsten: File under Symfo. 1998. Published by the author, no ISBN.
              (On the netherland scene. Order here.)

  62. Busson, Thierry/Xavier Chatagnon/Bruno Versmisse: Ange. Le Livre Des Légendes. L'anthologie définitive sur le groupe mythique du rock français. Besançon, Eclipse Ed., 1995. ISBN: 2-911494-00-8.
              (This book, "Le Livre Des Légendes" is about France's best known Progressive rock band: Ange.
              Can be ordered here.)

  63. Bussy, Pascal/Andy Hall: Das CAN-Buch. Augsburg 1998. ISBN: 3-926794-07-0.
              (A history not only of the band, but also of ist members. Complete with a chronology and discography.)

  64. Calado, Carlos: A divina comédia dos Mutantes. Rio de Janeiro 1995. ISBN: 85-7326-009-2.
              (More information here.)

  65. Camerlo, Marcelo: The magic land. A guide to south american Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock Vol. 1: Argentina - Uruguay 1966 - 1977. Madrid 1999 ISBN: 8489439168.
              (Better start collecting now, for it'll be a huge encyclopaedia in the end!
              Vol 2 will hopefully be: Close to the edge of the topographic ocean of crimson nektar:
              A guide to Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock in Panama and Ecuador, summer 1971 - autumn 1971.
              Don't know the book, but the author seems to be very dedicated. Can be ordered here.)

  66. Cantos, José: Mike Oldfield. 1st edition, Madrid 1996. 2nd Edition 1998. ISBN/EAN: A97884-376-1470-0 (ISBN: 84-376-1470-8).
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              unanswered"! That's why I call the book anti-intellectual. Do we have to be grateful to be able to at least ask
              these questions?
              The book tells us the view of another fan who's top five are: "In the Presence of", "Give Love each day",
              "Homeworld", "New Language" and "Lightning Strikes". This should make you careful. On the other hand, it is
              the only Yes history that focuses on the eighties and nineties. This should make the book worth having.
              But what's the point in this approach if you can't say why these decades are so much more interesting than
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              It consists of 2 parts: Part one has the band's history, with some information on the years
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              The first part does not provide much new information, despite a very interesting chapter on the
              disasterous "Works"-tour, part 2 is even weaker, for it doesn't have anything you wouldn't hear by yourself.
              Nevertheless, it contains a good discography. A new edition seems to be in the making. More info here.)

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              in the life of three important Prog musicians, Steve Howe, John Wetton and Carl Palmer.
              The book gives detailed insight in the band's career, even when it didn't exist.
              Concerning the eighties, the book unfortunately focuses mainly on Wetton.
              As there already is a Wetton biography and a book on ELP, more information about Howe and Downes
              (who has been the band's leader ever since the early nineties) would have been welcome.
              But this is only a minor flaw, the book is absolutely worth reading,
              for it describes the career of a couple of great Prog musician during a time when Prog seemed to be over.
              Available here.)

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              (And Then There Were Three...). Gallo is a photographer and longtime friend of the band.
              The book also appeared as a limited edition of 1000 copies hand bound in leather, boxed,
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              Rereleased with a Paul Whitehead introduction in 1998.
  184. +
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              which had just been released at the time of publication. Thanks to John Kuge.)

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              work. 82 pages of transcriptions and a huge discography. The thesis was done
              in 1985 and has been updated for publication. The members of Henry Cow have
              participated in festivals of modern music in Trondheim. The book might not
              be available from any other place than the University bookstore in Trondheim,
              as the book is part of a series of publications by the institute itself, and as
              far as I understand, not distributed to bookstores elsewhere. (Thanks to Geir Hasnes))

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              Ange was, after all, the most famous seventies French Progressive rock band.
              Can be ordered here.)

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              (side 1: "Stagnation", side 2: "Twilight Alehouse"). Over 100 listings with
              label/company, country of origin, tracks, catalogue numbers, and sound quality
              gradings. Limited to 100 copies. It is unclear whether "Art Gnuvo" is
              the author's name or if the cover art is by a person or a company called Gnuvo.)

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              by a biography and a discography. Many photos of covers (In black and white).
              A5 format, written in French, with colour covers.
              8 Volumes altogether: Tome 1: England 1965 to 1972, Tome 4: Italy 1969 to 1973,
              Tome 5: Italy 1974 to 1979, Tome 6: Italy 1980 to 1994, Tome 7: Germany 1969 to 1978.
              Can be ordered here.)

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              Musea plans to release the fourth edition in 2002, probably in the form of a CD-ROM.
              This edition will include at least three times more bands and records than the previous one!
              Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

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              Cover by Peter Nicholls. Thanks to François Guirin. More information here.)

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              his best stories for his own book, but certainly this one lacks his input. Secondly,
              the book is not very well proofread. Then there are certain things lacking, for example:
              All bandmembers are introduced in little biographies with the strange exception of
              Pat Arnold, without whom The Nice would never have existed. Then we read about the band members'
              reactions to Emerson's dismission of the band - with the exception of Lee Jackson.
              On the other hand, it has strong appendices: discographies, gig lists and the beformentioned
              biographies. In the end: not the book I expected, but the only one about an important band. More info here.)

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              world consciousness of human rights and the plight of political prisoners world-wide.)

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              (The book focuses mainly on Jon Lord's orchestral works.
              The analyses are well done, but there are a lot of typos, errors and wrong information,
              especially on the background of works that aren't the main focus of the book.
              He didn't read any of the english books on the subject. A bad researched bibliography.)

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              40 page booklet. Can be ordered at Planetgong.)

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              and 5 poems. The essays give background information on aspects of English folklore so many Tull-songs are referring to or based on.
              Further information and orders: Stormwatch Publications, C/o Alan Hodgson, 48 Kirk Gate, Birstall, West Yorkshire, England WF17 9PB,
              Email: ajh@aaooo.wanadoo.co.uk)

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    Maybe the same as:

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              Sometimes you get the impression, that Mosbø tries to find the sonata form in too many Yessongs, also in those
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              I've never seen so many mistakes on just one page. Do not read this.)

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              creating a stunning architectural choreography, a unified whole.
              The world premiere of ‘Art In Heaven' took place on Millenium Eve at the Siegessäule victory column in Berlin,
              in the presence of more than 500.000 visitors. And more than 800 million people who experienced
              the new milennium via their TV screens also saw the spectacular light show.").
              Complete information about this book is available here.
              It can be ordered by emailing artinheavenap@perleberg.de.)

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              400 artists including International Harvester, Made In Sweden,
              Hansson & Karlsson and Mecki Mark Men, November, Träd, Gräs & Stenar,
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              Knutna Nävar and Rävjunk, as well as highly collectable acts like
              Radiomöbel, Taste of Blues, Gandalf and Epizootic. The full-colour book
              presents all the essential facets of 400 artists and their records with
              a collector´s valuation guide for the original vinyl records and with
              all sleeves depicted. Albums, EPs and singles, as well as all
              international releases are included. A CD includes a previously unreleased
              32-minute recording by Baby Grandmothers, from the legendary Club Filips
              in Stockholm, 1967. In April/May 2007 a 4 CD-Box is being released,
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              experiencing the human condition. We have to forgive and share, accept and embrace, love
              and be loved if we want to make a better future for ourselves. Since the mystery of life
              was something that fascinated me, a lot of the verses refer to this search and hope to
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              better understanding of ourselves and our reality slowly moving into other dimensions.
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              order here.)

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              There is just one minor problem: you never know, where a quotation starts and where it ends,
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              You can order the book here. Thanks to Daniel Kirkdorffer, webmaster of the Elephant Talk website.)

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              Includes Smyth's poem ‘We Who Were Raging in the Late 60's and Early 70's'
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              More information here.
              French magazine Acid Dragon has published a certain number of special reports. Written in English,
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              and the members' solo careers. Drawing on new exclusive interviews with band members past and present,
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              those files soon proved to be an essential source of information about an entire segment of progressive rock.
              The 40-page book "Storia Di Un Minuto" (by Thierry Sportouche and Jacques Toni, see above) is a guide through
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              covers. Texts in English.
              "Favourite All Time Progressive Rock Albums" (by Philip Jackson, see above) offers a subjective classification
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              Box Sets, Compilations, Interviews and Radio Shows, Tributes, Bootlegs
              (The biggest list of Genesis Bootlegs available), Books, Programmes,
              Paper Articles, Flyers, Tickets, Posters and Videos on 984 pages.
              Private printing of 25 copies. Also available on CD Rom. Contact: petervickers@hotmail.com
              Thanks to Peter Vickers, who has been very friendly and helpful.)

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              and an introduction by Peter about collecting his rarities. Each entry has its
              serial number, pictures, a tracklist, and further data as well as the current price.
              Private printing of 200 copies. Contact: petervickers@hotmail.com
              Thanks to Peter Vickers, who again has been very friendly and helpful.)

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              it includes various pictures of the following: Vinyl/Cds etc / Memorabilia / Tickets
              / Photos / Books / Magazines / Stickers / Badges / Programmes / etc., many of these
              have never been printed before. The books will be hand printed to order. Contact: petervickers@hotmail.com)

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              written by myself and beautiful artwork done by Jon Anderson of the rock group YES.
              He writes in his introduction:
              "Hi, Wendy was one of the first people I met on the 'net', she would send these very sweet and simple poems,
              I told her she should put together a book of poems and I would love to paint for them.
              They are magical in the way they speak volumes, yet not many words appear in front of your eyes,
              well, just sit back and drink some tea and enjoy this very unique book." Jon Anderson.
              More information on the opio website. Thanks to John Kuge.)

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              from analogue to digital, transform working practices and, as a result, impact on the creative
              process of producing pop. Part two analyses seven influential recordings produced by Trevor
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  606. Author? Art Rock Album Guide.
              (Can be ordered here.)

  607. Author? Biographie Française.
              (Can be ordered here.)

  608. Author? Canciones 1 & 2. Madrid 2000. ISBN: 84-245-0856-4 and 84-245-0857-2.
              Spanish lyrics translations to Genesis songs from ‘Trespass' through ‘Duke' (book 1) and ‘Abacab'
              through ‘Calling All Stations'(book 2). 192 pages and 185 pages respectively.)

  609. Author? Dall'Africa all'Oriente - la nuova musica del mondo. Edizioni La Repubblica 1996.
              (About Peter Gabriel.)

  610. Author? Genesis. Forte editore, Milano 1983. No ISBN?
              (35 Pages.)

  611. Author? Genesis. 1986. No ISBN.
              (A 22 page magazine type publication with sections on each member and some nice photos.)

  612. Author? Genesis. Spain 1987.
              (A 20 page magazine type publication with almost everything on the ‘Invisible Touch' tour.
              Includes a large poster.)

  613. Author? Genesis 80's. Spain 1986.
              (A 22 page magazine type publication with sections on each member and some nice photos.
              Includes a large poster.)

  614. Author? Genesis con Peter Gabriel - Leyendas. Argentina 1986. No ISBN?
              (A short band history (38 pages) with some pictures.)

  615. Author? Genesis File. X New 1.
              (Excellent Japanese Book relating to the various Genesis Bootlegs around the world.
              Black & White text with a separate colour section in the back showing the covers of each item.)

  616. Author? Genesis. La Leggenda Continua. Fratelli Gallo Editori. 1984. No ISBN.
              (64 pages and large size. Many color pictures, some exclusive.
              As "Fratelli Gallo" means Gallo brothers, the editors might be Armando Gallo and his brother.
              Can be ordered here.)

  617. Author? Genesis. Biographie, Discographie, Concerts. "The Lamb" en francais. Montreal 1980.
              (A newspaper style publication with 24 pages of very rare B&W photos.)

  618. Author? King Crimson. Goldmine. January 10, 1992. Krause Publications 1992.
              (Probably a Fanzine special.)

  619. Author? King Crimson. Groups, solo & related works. FM Books, Tokyo.

  620. Author? King Crimson. Marquee Moon.

    Maybe the same as:

  621. Author? King Crimson. Tokyo. 1995. No ISBN.
              (compilations of the articles on King Crimson which appeared on the progressive rock magazine ‘Marquee')

  622. Author? La Saga Genesis. 1987. CV Stars Number 6.
              (French only book with 100 pages and many excellent photos. No real catalogue number.)

  623. Author? La Traque Du Son Neuf. 1998.
              (About 100 non-commercial albums (New Musics, avant-garde, electronic…). Each album gets a detailed description.
              Artists include: Ron Geesin, Ghedalia Tazartes, Verto, Art Zoyd, Luc Marianni, Pole, Musica Electronica Viva,
              Cro Magnon, Mnemonists, Jorge Reyes, Decibel and a lot of other famous or obscure artists. Can be ordered here.)

  624. Author? Love generation 1966-1979. Tokyo 2000. ISBN: 4-276-96092-4.
              (304 page book written in Japanese. Includes complete discography and singles cover pictures of Japanese Folk,
              Psych and Prog bands from 1966 to 1979. A very complete book and very useful for collectors, for it includes lps,
              singles and cd catalog numbers. Also has a list of the 101 best lps. Thanks to Manuel da Achada.)

  625. Author? Marquee 1981-1990. Tokyo. 1995. No ISBN.
              (compilations of the articles which appeared on the progressive rock magazine ‘Marquee', now which has changed its contents and style compeletly, between 1981 and 1990)

  626. Author? Mike Oldfield. Omnibus Press 1984. Fuori stampa. ISBN: 0711904804.

  627. Author? Mike Oldfield. Dark Star Back Issues. 1994.
              (This 100 page paperback book contains the highlights from Mike Oldfield fanzines, including rare album reviews,
              a comprehensive UK discography up to and including 1994 with a summary of all interesting international releases,
              views and articles on Mike's music (including some humorous ones just for fun!) and a collection of exclusive
              photographs. It also includes a free discography update to 1999. This is what the Mike Oldfield website says.)

  628. Author? Minstrels Of Rock 'n' Roll. History of Jethro Tull. 1996.
              (A book about Jethro Tull, in Russian. Contains no photos, but a detailed history and discography about the group.)

  629. Author? Musiques Japonaises Indépendantes. Des Années Quatre-Vingt Dix. 1999.
              (This 140-page book presents more than five hundred bands of improvised musics, Progressive rock, punk, psychedelic,
              free-jazz, jazz-core, Rock in opposition, avant rock, avant-pop, minimalism, noise and other jazz-rock… Two compilations
              ("Le Meilleur Du Rock Progressif Japonais" and a second one dedicated to the other mentioned styles.) complete this book.
              Can be ordered here.)

  630. Author? Peter Gabriel. Arcana Editrice. (Manuali Rock), Milano 1985.

  631. Author? Peter Gabriel. Arcana Editrice. (IMMAGINAzioni), Milano 1989.

  632. Author? Peter Gabriel. Edito - Inedito - Inatteso. Edizioni Sconcerto, Roma 1983.

  633. Author? Phil Collins & Genesis. Music Exclusive Number 2. France 1993.
              (20 pages of biography with below average text and numerous mistakes.)

  634. Author? Progressive Rock Strikes Back 1. Tokyo 2001. ISBN: 4-87279-085-5.
              (both compilations of the articles on progressive rock which appeared on the ngaku Senka magazine. The „Marquee" magazine also published some compiled „Special" issues: „King Crimson" „Marquee: 1981-1990")

  635. Author? Progressive Rock Strikes Back 2. Tokyo 2001. ISBN: 4-87279-086-3.
              (both compilations of the articles on progressive rock which appeared on the ngaku Senka magazine. The „Marquee" magazine also published some compiled „Special" issues: „King Crimson" „Marquee: 1981-1990")

  636. Author? Rock Talk.
              ('Rock' Stories, contributors include Daevid Allen & Keith tha Bass. A collection of rock stories and tall tales from a
              range of contributiors such as Roy Harper, John Cooper Clarke, John Otway and Wilko Johnson among many others. Keith tha Bass's
              recalling of one very long, very crazy day on the Here & Now Tour Bus is worth the entry price alone, but then there's also
              Allen on the roots of Gong. 190 page paperback book. Can be ordered here.)

  637. Author? Storia - Testi - Foto inedite. Edizioni Sconcerto, Roma 1982.
              (About Peter Gabriel.)

  638. Author? The Invisible Report - Metal Hammer Special UK 1987.
              (About 50 pages of text, Invisible Touch concert photos, Japan tour information, and 3 mini-posters.)

  639. Author? Triana. La historia.
              (In Spanish. 170 page biography with discography and plenty of photos, includes bonus CD.

  640. Author?: 200 CD Progressive Rock. Tokyo. 2001. ISBN: 4-651-82051-4.

  641. Author? Yes (US) 1983.
              (A biography.)

  642. Author? Yes File. Tokyo 2005.
              (156 pages in Japanese. Buy it here.)

  643. Author? Title? Greece 19??
              (A Jethro Tull lyrics book, in Greek. Contains no photos, only lyrics in english and a translation into greek.)

  644. Author? Title? Greece 19??
              (A Jethro Tull lyrics book, in Greek. Contains 1 photo, AND lyrics in english and a translation into greek.)

  645. Author? Title? Turkey 1991.
              (A book about Jethro Tull, in Turkish. Contains some photos, some lyrics (both in english and turkish), and a chronological history about every album.)

    The following might be songbooks:

  646. Author? Mike Oldfield 1973 - 1983. 1983.

  647. Author? On Horseback. 1975.

  648. Author? Phil Collins ... Hits.

  649. Author? Portsmouth. 1976.
              (A Mike Oldfield book.)

  650. Author? Tubular bells. 1983.

  651. Author? Tubular Bells II. 1992.

  652. Author? Tubular bells III. 1999.

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    II. Not yet published

  653. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 2, Gong: 69-75. 2006.
              (This is part 2 of Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming. Soft Machine 66 - 69. 1994. More info here.)

  654. Budd, Vince: Jon Lord. The Gemini Man. Gnosis Press 2006.
              (The author is concentrating on the orchestral works of Jon Lord. 104 Pages.)

  655. Cimino, Michael: Badfinger and Beyond - The Authorized Biography of Joey Molland. 2007.
              (Joey Molland has been telling his life story to Michael Cimino for a book which will be Joey's
              life story growing up in Liverpool and his career with Badfinger. In will be told in a narrative-type
              format with many anecdotes included. Might be of interest for Yes fans, as Tony Kaye was a member of Badfinger.
              More information here.)

  656. Dean, Roger: Dragons Garden. 2007.
              (Anounced as the „sequel to „Views" and „Magnetic Storm"". 160 pages of paintings and drawings.
              There will also be a limited (1000 copies) edition of all three books boxed and signed by Roger (and Martyn?) Dean
              which will also include a 32 page book of b/w prints and - be expensive...)

  657. Fahey, Todd Brendan: Service with a smile. The Book of Happy The Man. Far Gone Books, 2004?
              (A biography of 70s Washington D.C.-area Prog Rock group
              Happy the Man written in cooperation with founding members of HTM.
              The first book nobody wants to sell! I asked Far Gone Books and
              the HTM webmaster several times for more information but didn't
              get any answer.)

  658. Holm-Hudson, Kevin: Tell Mussorgsky the News: Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Pictures at an Exhibition" as open work. Forthcoming.

  659. Moore, Allan F.: Review of Progressive Rock Re-considered edited by Kevin Holm-Hudson. In: twentieth-century music. Forthcoming.

  660. Rabey Brian: Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull". Helter Skelter Publishing (Oktober 2007). ISBN-10: 1-905139-03-9, ISBN-13: 978-1-905139-03-3.
              (Coming in October 2007.)

  661. Rabey Brian: Jethro Tull: 30 Years of Music and the Magic Flute. Billboard Books, U.S. ISBN: 0823083268.

  662. Rosa, Enrico: Blues voicing. Forthcoming.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. "A complete book about
              voicing the blues in its many different formulas." Thanks to Enrico Rosa.)

  663. Rosa, Enrico: Open Strings. Forthcoming.
              (Enrico Rosa was a member of the italian band Campo di Marte. "Chords with harmonics,
              chords with open strings and harmonics,including compositions with the use of harmonics."
              Thanks to Enrico Rosa.)

  664. Another forthcoming release is the Audion CD-ROM from Ultima Thule-Audion. 2004?
              ("Work is underway on collating a CD-Rom that will feature all the early out-of-print Audions,
              that's the first 10 issues (all laid-out as nice reprintable A4 html pages, viewable with any web browser
              - which avoids any special software) with lots of extras, like colour photos (where available) and
              improved readability. The CD-Rom will also include a revised version of the "East Euro Discography",
              the essential pages from "The Audion Guide to Nurse With Wound" an index and other surprises."
              Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

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    III. In the making (can anyone confirm this?)

  665. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 3.
              (This volume will cover the period from 1975 to Allen's work
              with Bill Laswell and his return to Australia.

  666. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 4.

  667. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 5.
              (This volume will cover the Eighties.)

  668. Allen, Daevid: Gong Dreaming 6.

  669. Anderson, Jon: A book of his paintings and lyrics.

  670. Anderson, Jon/Kathy South: Visions of Light (working title).
              (According to Wendy Vig, co-author of 'Fountains of Gold',
              the book will not be published due to contractual problems.
              It should have included lyrics by Jon Anderson and artwork by Kathy South
              which apparently incorporates photographs of Jon. Thanks to John Kuge and Wendy Vig.)

  671. Blasquiz, Klaus: said he was working on a book about Kobaïa in 1972.

  672. Blasquiz, Klaus: still seems to be working on a book about Magma (the same book as mentioned in '72?) in 1994: „I intend to write a book on Magma that will be a precise diary with many photographs and illustrations."

  673. Busch, Carsten: a Progressive Rock Encyclopaedia. Currently 1.500 pages!

  674. Coad, Tanya: A book about Jon Anderson.
              (Says Chris Welch in his book "Close To The Edge".)

  675. David Foster: Yours is no Disgrace.
              (David Foster, as Jon Anderson a member of The Warriors in the 60ies and co-founder of the Band Badger
              (featuring Tony Kaye of Yes) is currently working on a book called „Yours is no Disgrace", seemingly about
              the formative Years of Yes, Foster's friendship with Anderson and his contribution to the early Yes catalogue.)

  676. Freeman, Garry: Yes—A Live Guide 1968-1979.
              (Garry Freeman (author of "The Bootleg Guide" and the forthcoming "Emerson,
              Lake and Palmer—A Live Guide 1970-1978") is beginning work on "Yes—A Live
              Guide 1968-1979" (Helter Skelter Publishing). The book aims to review as many
              shows as possible from this period, including details on equipment specifications
              and so on.)

  677. Freeman, Steven/Allan Freeman: A new book about Italian progressive rock
              (Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

  678. Freeman, Steven/Allan Freeman: A new book about French progressive rock
              (Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

  679. Giammetti, Mario: Writing a book about Tony Banks (These books, as you can guess, are part of a series that in the end will cover all Genesis members. More information here.)

  680. Gottlieb, Doug/Glenn Gottlieb: Yesstuff: ultimate Yes collections & collectors.

  681. Halbscheffel, Bernward: A book called "Progressive Rock - Die Ernste Musik der Rockmusik" is planned.

  682. Hanson, Martyn: the Routinier is writing a Colosseum book called "The Time machine".

  683. Hasnes, Geir: A book on composition techniques in progressive rock.
              (Geir Hasnes own fan magazine 'Proclamation - the Occasional Gentle Giant Magazine' (5 issues) contains articles,
              in depth interviews and transcriptions and analyses of the group's music.)

  684. Howe, Steve: Howe is writing a book called "The guitarist's survival kit".

  685. Howe, Steve: He is also working on his autobiography.

  686. Kull, Greg: On the Grounds between Progress and Convention.
              (In the last quarter of 1996, Kull started another novel, but it remains unfinished.)

  687. Kull, Greg: Poems.
              (Some eighty poems were written in 1994 through 1996 and have yet to be published.)

  688. Kull, Greg: The Revolution.
              (This novel has yet to be published.)

  689. Leroy, Aymeric: A book about the Canterbury scene.
              (No publication date is known yet. "The book will aim to provide the definitive
              history of the Canterbury scene, as documented in the extensive press archive I have
              had access to, and as told by ist protagonists, a lot of whom I have already conducted
              thorough and exclusive interviews with. The book will also offer a critical perspective
              on the vast musical legacy of that scene." Source.)

  690. Levin, Tony: Crimson Chronicles. Volume 2.

  691. Loeslin, Clifford: Yes. Beyond and Before.

  692. Martin, Bill: ...is working on a new Yes book

  693. Molland, Joey/Billy James: When I Was A Boy - My Life With Badfinger. Bentonville 2007.
              (The new book on Badfinger written by band member Joey Molland with
              Billy James, formerly announced as "Day after Day - The story of Badfinger"
              has a new title "When I Was A Boy - My Life With Badfinger".
              Also the book will most likely contain a bonus DVD with rare photos,
              live video footage, contracts and other items of interest.)

  694. Nicholson, Yvonne: Jethro Tull - Before This Was And After
              (Nicholson was Ian Anderson's girlfriend in the late sixties. Her book offers insight
              in the embryonic Tull and Anderson's development into a professional musician.
              More information and a preview can be found at Nicholson's website. A 39 preview is here.)

  695. Nørgaard, Terkel: Is writing about progressive rock fanzines, and how they developed during the 90's (University assignment)

  696. Panagiotopoulos, Stathis: Who's the white-haired gentleman?
              (A Jon Lord Biography.)

  697. Pfeifer, Eric: Krautrock
              (Eric Pfeifer is working on a Diplomarbeit about Krautrock)

  698. Pfeifer, Eric: CD-List
              (Pfeifer is also working on a list of bands and albums from the 60s and 70s wich were important for several reasons.)

  699. Polson, Willow: Olias of Sunhillow
              (Polson is collaborating with Jon Anderson to turn his album
              "Olias of Sunhillow" into a full-length fantasy novel.
              They are also considering the option of a graphic novel with the help of
              original sleeve designer Dave Roe or Yes cover-artist Roger Dean.)

  700. Regenthal, Werner: Progressive Rock Archive
              (A work in progress, that will, besides the usual discographical information, include
              some additional dates like a musical categorization, comments, biographies, some
              information about artistical influences and comparisons, releases of special editions
              like coloured Lps, Picture LPs or CDs, Singles etc., releases on cassettes and digital
              audiotape, cover/sleeve reproduction and maybe some animation. It is not yet sure,
              whether it will be published as a CD-ROM or as a number of books. Thanks to Werner Regenthal.)

  701. Sallak, Bill: working on a master's degree in music history about the appropriation of minimalist composition techniques by progressive rock musicians.

  702. Sefton, Michael: writing a book on the rarities of Progressive and Psychedelic music of the 60's and 70's.

  703. Vander, Christian: „I plan to write a philosophical book. The book will look like a novel. I already have 800 pages written."

  704. Wakeman, Rick: A novel. Originally planned for 2003.

  705. Wakeman, Rick: Writing a book about Yes.
              („I want to do one from what it's like inside the band. People think we are serious but it really is a lot of fun.")

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