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Here you can see which books I'd like to have. Please send an email to bibmaster{at} if you know where to get them or if you have a copy to sell!

  1. Busch, Carsten: File under Symfo. 1998. Published by the author, no ISBN.

  2. Frame, Pete: Yes - The Trip to Asia. Belgium? 1983.

  3. Holm-Hudson, Kevin: The Future is Now ... and Then: Sonic historiography in post-1960s rock. In: Genre 34, 2001, pp. 243 - 264.

  4. Jacob, Dirk: Marktstudie und Marketingkonzeption zu dem Segment Progressive Rockmusik (Prog-Rock). Diplomarbeit Fachhochschule Nürtingen, WS 1996/97.

  5. Jacobsen, Finn: Berührungspunkte des Progressive Rock mit artifizieller Musik in den sechziger und siebziger Jahren (Magisterarbeit, Universität zu Köln, Wintersemester 1998/99.)

  6. Kuloda, Shilow (or: Kuroda, Shiro?): Yes. Ongaku Tomo (Japan) 1979. ISBN: 4-276-23330-5.

  7. Lake, Greg: Word Sculptures. Lyrics from the Musical Life of Greg Lake. Greg Lake Ltd. c/o Pilato Entertainment, Rochester, NY 1997. ISBN: 0966505409.

  8. Lange, Georg: Classic-Elemente in der Popmusik und ihre pädagogische Relevanz. Examensarbeit Hamburg 1971.

  9. Lewis, Laurie: Yes Photos. 1979.

  10. Moore, Allan F.: On the pop-classical split. In Derek B. Scott (ed.): Music, culture and society. Oxford 2000, pp.161-164.

  11. Patterson, Archie: A History Of European Progressive Music: The Golden Age. Portland/USA 2000.

  12. Sierra i Fabra, Jordi: Rick Wakeman: Myths & Legends of the Yes Wizard. Ifabra, Unilibra (South America), 1977. No ISBN.

  13. Staiti, Alessandro: Robert Fripp & King Crimson. Roma 1982. No ISBN.

  14. Stofer, Franck (ed.): Japanese Independent Music. Talence Cedex/France 2001. ISBN 2-9515644-0-6.

  15. Trummer, Thomas: Gitarrensound und Spieltechnik von Allan Holdsworth. Diplomarbeit, Universität Graz 2001.

  16. Wright, Jonathan: Tales from graphic oceans. A study of the role of graphic design in English progressive rock and the concept album (1967-76). Dissertation (M.A.), University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Division of History of Art and Design. Original typescript 1997.

  17. Wyatt, Frank: Oblivion Sun. Far Gone Books 2000.

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  1. Cuellar, Carol (editor): Yes. Big Generator. Secaucus, Warner Brothers Publications 1988. Ed.-Nr.: 21185. ISBN: 0769208630.

  2. Emerson, Keith et al.: Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Anthology. New York, Warner Brothers Publications 1981.

  3. Muston, Geoffrey: Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The Journey. Recollection. The Battle. The Forest. Words and music: Rick Wakeman. Transcribed for piano by Jeff Muston. London, Rondor Music 1974.

  4. No Author: UK. Best Collection: Band Score. Tokyo, Shinko Music Publishing, 2000. ISBN: 4-401-36056-7.

  5. No author: King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King. Tokyo, Shinko Music Publishing. ISBN: 4-401-34619-X.

  6. No author: 90125. Warner Brothers Publications (US) 1984. Ed.-Nr.: VF 1103.

  7. No author: Premiata Forneria Marconi: Celebration. Le più belle canzoni. BMG Ricordi 1996.

  8. No Author: Yes Best: Band Score. Tokyo. 1994. ISBN: 4-401-34758-7.

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